RHOD: Why Leanne Loken Feels Her Doomed to Fail


Leanne Lokken is still upset about how she was treated while participating in The Real Housewives of Dallas, and admitted that she felt offended before she was fired. After she was convicted for racially insensitive comments about her colleagues, the beauty queen went through a difficult last season. Two years later, Leanne still feels burned by Bravo.

The former RHOD star was a scandalous housewife from day one, as she was always outspoken and often had difficulty getting along with other women. During her final season on the series, her co-star Carey Brittingham accused her of racism, whom she called a “fun Mexican.” The reaction was swift, and in February 2020, the reality TV star announced her departure from RHOD. In August 2021, Bravo announced that the franchise would not be renewed and would be put on pause indefinitely.

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Leanne recently spoke to Us Weekly and revealed that she was “set up to fail” on more than one occasion. The former carnival worker believed that the producers and executives of Bravo never understood her personality, saying that she was a “Phoenix” who always rose from the ashes. Leanne still believes that during her communication with Carey, she had no racial motives. The former RHOD housewife stated that she “imitated” what Carey said to her at the time, showing that it was difficult for people to understand that these words did not come from her own mind or her heart. The 55-year-old actress shared that she and Carey sat down after the show and discussed everything.

Leanne also believes the show wouldn’t have been canceled if she was still a part of it, noting that the highest-rated episode was her wedding to her current husband Rich Amberlin. Naturally, Leanne is always ready to return to RHOD, as long as Bravo promises to demonstrate her true identity. Although the network has yet to comment, fans know that there is always a chance that the “Real Housewives” franchise will return to its former glory. Peacock triumphantly revived the “Real Housewives of Miami” and presented the “Real Housewives Trip for Girls”.

For now, Leanne has moved on to bigger and better projects after leaving The Real Housewives of Dallas behind. She is currently involved in several hosting gigs and is still actively involved in many charitable organizations. Leanne also recently reconciled with Brandi Redmond after years of feuding, so there may well be a possible reboot of the series if the women can convince the network that it’s worth it.


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