RHOBH: Why Taylor Armstrong remains a Fan Favorite


In 2010, in the TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Taylor Armstrong was introduced to fans as a real housewife. Her quirky personality contrasted with her dark and complicated personal life, which manifested itself during her time at RHOBH. Taylor ceased to be a regular participant in the series in 2014, but remained popular among fans of the franchise. Taylor played a cameo role in season 4 of “The Hills” along with Linda Thompson, who is the mother of then-actor Brody Jenner. The future housewife only briefly appeared in a scene with Stephanie Pratt. However, Taylor tried reality TV for the first time.

Taylor was one of the main actors of the first three seasons of the series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Her personal life was in full view of everyone, and there were rumors of domestic violence in her marriage to Russell Armstrong, who passed away. It is also alleged that he had financial problems. Taylor confirmed these suspicions when she said that she had undergone reconstructive surgery after an injury sustained as a result of physical violence. She went even deeper when she referred to domestic violence in the divorce papers shortly after the premiere of the second season.

Before the premiere of the second season of RHOBH, Taylor joined her fellow housewives to record a reunion, just weeks after her ex-husband committed suicide. This season was dominated by Taylor’s storyline and her feud with Camille Grammer. Out of respect for Taylor, Russell was cut out of many scenes, but the topic of domestic violence remained relevant. Taylor’s path to healing was captured in her third season, but in the following two seasons she distanced herself, appearing only as a guest. Fans quickly liked the Kansas native from the first season. Taylor from RHOBH shared information about her personal life, but tried to hide some dark secrets of her marriage. Despite the difficulties that the housewife faced behind closed doors, she still managed to bring humor to her frank confessions. Taylor is very recognizable thanks to her lip implants, which Andy Cohen compared to pillows. In an interview with Bravo Insider, Taylor spoke regretfully about her iconic pout, saying, “These are implants, it was a mistake in my 20s, and they’re here to stay.”

Autobiography and Healing

Taylor Armstrong’s book Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss and Finding Courage Inside was published in October 2012. Taylor shared her experience as a survivor of domestic violence and spoke about the death of her ex-husband Russell, whom she claims subjected her to physical abuse. She continues to work as an activist and protects victims of domestic violence by giving them the right to vote and talking about domestic violence during public speeches.

Couple Therapy

In 2014, Taylor joined the cast of Couples Therapy with John Blucher, to whom she was then engaged. The show’s therapist, Dr. Jenn, called Taylor a “diva,” but in the end she helped Taylor realize his power. Taylor and John had only been engaged for a few months when they started therapy, but they were having problems due to Taylor’s previous relationship. It seems that their attempt to undergo therapy has benefited their relationship, since they are still together.

A new marriage and leaving the real housewives

Graduate of RHOBH Taylor met attorney John Blucher when he assisted her in the legal proceedings that followed the death of her late husband. Taylor’s late husband faced numerous problems with the law that she had to deal with after his death. Taylor married John in April 2016, and he adopted her and Russell’s daughter, Kennedy. Taylor also stopped appearing as a guest of RHOBH in 2016 after six seasons. Taylor was candid about how grateful she is for her relationship with John, telling Us Weekly: “After all the lies that were built in my previous relationship, to have someone who just supported me – even though we couldn’t stand each other for a while— that’s why I trusted him so much, and we became best friends.” Taylor now lives in Orange County with her husband and daughter.

Meme “A woman screams at a cat”

In 2019, Taylor’s snapshot from the second season of RHOBH became a viral meme. The image is taken from a scene where Taylor got into an emotional argument with co-star Camilla in the series, and she captures her as she speaks: “You have no idea what she did to me!” The meme was titled “a woman screaming at a cat,” and Taylor points and screams next to an image of a cat named Smudge.