RHOBH: Teddy Mellencamp Overshadows Vicky Gunvalson over Ex Brooks


Teddy Mellencamp, the former star of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” recently shadowed the graduate of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” Vicki Gunvalson on Twitter. Teddy and Vicky have never met, but their feud began when Vicky stated that she did not like Teddy in an interview. Teddy, who hosts the Two T’s in a Pod podcast with former RHOC star Tamra Judge, responded with a social media post in which he delved into Wiki’s empty “love tank.” She then concluded that Vicky was trying to get a job on the podcast, calling her the boss of iHeartRadio.

Vicky, who played the main role in the 2nd season of the TV series “Real Housewives: A Journey for girls” with Tamra, said that she is happy with her successful business and has a full tank of love. However, right before filming, Vicky’s ex-fiance Steve Lodge reportedly broke off the engagement and moved out of their house. Before the reality star’s relationship with Steve, Vicki dated Brooks Ayers, against whom she was warned by many of her friends and family. During the 10th season of RHOC, Brooks claimed to be fighting cancer, but it was later revealed that he was faking it to get attention.

In a recent tweet, Teddy overshadowed Vicki’s relationship with Brooks, writing, “Are there any other Bravo fans watching ‘I Love This For You’ on Showtime with Vanessa Bayer? We are talking about a girl who fraudulently found a job by lying about having cancer. It just seems so familiar.” Vicky replied: “Wow… low blow! You don’t know anything about what happened to my x. That’s why you lasted only 3 years… I… 14!” Vicky noted Tamra, to which the podcast host responded with a meme that said, “Why am I in this?”

Are there any more Bravo fans watching “I Love This For You” on Showtime with Vanessa Bayer? We are talking about a girl who fraudulently found a job by lying about having cancer. It just seems so familiar.

— Teddy Mellencamp (@TeddiMellencamp) June 22, 2022

Well, if we’re talking about numbers, could you tell us all where you were on January 6th?

— Teddy Mellencamp (@TeddiMellencamp) June 23, 2022

Reality TV star Teddy Vicki’s last punch said, “Well, if we’re talking about numbers, could you let us all know where you were on January 6th?” Many fans were confused by this question, but it seemed that Teddy was referring to the storming of the Capitol after former President Donald Trump was defeated in the 2020 presidential election. Although Vicky has never discussed politics on RHOC, fans criticized her after she publicly supported the bill passed by Trump in 2019. Many Twitter users found Teddy’s accusation harsh, but others asked why she didn’t bring that energy to her RHOBH seasons.

Tamra tried to be a peaceful mediator between Vicky and Teddy, but for the most part she tried to stay away from their enmity. She and Teddy, who made guest appearances on seasons 11 and 12 of RHOBH, briefly discussed the feud on the TV series “Two T’s in a Pod,” and they were both puzzled as to why Vicki seemed so attuned to Teddy. Tamra shared that she had previously asked Vicky why she might not like Teddy, although she had never met her, but it remains a mystery to the stars of Real Housewives. Teddy’s only suggestion was that Vicki felt threatened by her relationship with Tamra ever since she started hosting the podcast together, but the former RHOBH star doesn’t take Vicki’s punch sitting down.