RHOBH: Sutton and Garcel Say the Actors Avoid Talking about Erica’s Drinking


Sutton Strake and Garcel Beauvais don’t like that the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” avoid talking about Erica Jane’s drunkenness. So far, Garcel has been the only one who has confronted Erica about her drunken antics. However, every time she does, Kyle Richards jumps in to defend Erica for being more “free and loose” with the band. In the last episode ​​​​Garcel tried to solve Erica’s drinking problem by talking to Sutton. But Kyle quickly intervened to defend Erica’s drinking, despite how much it affected others.

Lisa Rinna didn’t mind taking Erica aside to tell her about her drinking. Erica admitted this and admitted that she started drinking more to get rid of the stress she has to deal with due to ongoing legal problems and divorce. But while Lisa found it necessary to sit Erica down and tell her the truth, Kyle and Dorit Kemsley remain silent. The couple seem to have bypassed Erica’s behavior as more fun and less private compared to when she first joined the group. Krystal Kung Minkoff called Kyle during her confession and said that she would rather stay faithful to Erica than solve problems with her excessive alcohol consumption.

In the latest RHOBH After Show, Sutton and Garcel urged the actors to remain silent about the fact that Erica often drinks throughout the season. Garcel said she knew that if she drank excessively, Sutton would “say something” to her. Sutton agreed and said she would tell Garcel what looked like a “disaster.” Garcel noted that the imaginary incident is how they “wish” other women would react to Erica’s drinking, but instead they don’t say anything. “Well, they’re her friends,” Sutton said, making air quotes around the word “friends.” Garcel noted how “close” Kyle, Dorit and Lisa are with Erica. But Sutton said that wasn’t an excuse. “I don’t think they necessarily have to be like her big friends,” Sutton joked.

Throughout the season, Erica was criticized for her drunken behavior. She faced the most negative reaction when she told Garcel’s 14-year-old son Jax to “fuck off.” Erica cursed the teenager shortly after she put her foot in the air to flirt with Garcel’s eldest son Oliver, who is married. Viewers shamed Erica for abusing Garcel’s sons at her birthday party. Kyle and Dorit were also criticized after laughing at how Erica scolded Jax with their husbands Mauricio Umanski and P.K. Kemsley.

The current season has shown a clear gap between the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Kyle, Dorit and Lisa are too devoted to Erica. Meanwhile, Garcel and Sutton are their own duo, while Crystal holds all women equally responsible. The split among the actors will definitely be resolved during the reunion in season 12. Erica will also have to deal with her drunken antics throughout the season, and Kyle and Dorit will have to explain why they couldn’t call their friend.


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