RHOBH: Lisa Rinna criticized for Minor hit on Katie Hilton


Lisa Rinna is back in the hot seat and under fire from fans of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” after taking a small swipe at Katie Hilton on social media. Lisa has been a topic of discussion in recent weeks as she has apparently tried to feud with Katie. She was recently attacked by an alleged accomplice who accused her of hiring him to plot to kill Katie. The bizarre nature of the failed scheme and accusations has left fans more confused than convinced that Katie is causing any problems. All Lisa seems to be doing is rubbing fans the wrong way.

The trailer for the 12th season of RHOBH teased the Brewers sister quarrel between Kyle Richards and Katie Hilton, which was apparently orchestrated by Lisa. The clip showed Kyle arguing with Katie about something she heard, while Lisa was showing off a sinister grin while sitting on the sidelines. Although the encounter hasn’t aired on the series yet, Lisa has apparently been teasing the impending drama by targeting Katie online. Her recent failed plan involved a man named Patrick Somers, who claimed that Lisa hired him to spread rumors. Initially, Patrick posed as Katie’s assistant, who knew compromising information about Lisa. But, in the end, Patrick revealed that it was Lisa who hired him to fabricate claims so that Katie would look like a villain.

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Lisa does not stop trying to incite enmity with Katie. Over the weekend, Lisa left a comment under Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Instagram post about her dog, which was dealt as a minor blow to Katie and her sister Kim Richards. Jay’s Reality blog took a screenshot where Lisa left a comment under the message that Katie left under Crystal’s post. “@Katie Hilton, I remember when you first got on the show, you called me and said, ‘What Kim said about Harry, she made it all up, you know that, right?’ and I said: “I know what she did to Katie.” Housewives fans are quick to pounce on the racy revelation, but Lisa’s questionable unprovoked remark drew criticism from viewers who were confused and concerned about her seemingly desperate attempt to attract attention.

Fans have criticized Lisa for looking “pathetic” and posting “abnormal” statements on social media just weeks after she was caught plotting against Katie. “Totally unnecessary,” one fan said. Reddit user georgiaseoul posted a screenshot of Lisa’s comment to highlight how she continues to pester Katie, Kim and Kyle. “It seems that something “made up” annoys her a lot,” one of the Reddit users joked. Lisa still remembers her confrontation with Kim in the fifth season of RHOBH during the girls’ trip to Amsterdam. Kim accused Harry Hamlin of cheating, but admitted that she fabricated them during the reunion in the fifth season of RHOBH. It’s now season 12, and Lisa is still randomly bringing up the age-old drama under an Instagram post about Crystal’s dog.

Fans are tired of Lisa’s petty attempts to remain a discussed cast member. Having no real drama of her own in the series, Lisa linked her name to the strife of other people in the series. Since Katie is a friend, there’s no real reason to pick on her for the storyline. Fans of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” asked for a shake-up of the cast in the form of the departure of Lisa, Dorit Kemsley or Kyle. But apparently Lisa thinks that if she can influence public opinion about Katie, it will secure her a place in the cast.