RHOBH: Kyle Talks about His Reaction to Erica Scolding Garcel’s Son


Kyle Richards of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is trying to clarify his seemingly casual reaction to Erica Jane scolding teenage son Garcel Beauvais in a new episode. Kyle, Erica and Dorit Kemsley were criticized because of a preview video in which Kyle and Dorit laugh with their husbands, Mauricio Umanski and P. K. Kemsley, after witnessing Erica in a state of intoxication swearing with Garcel’s 14-year-old son Jax shortly after flirting. with her eldest son Oliver. Discussing Garcel’s two sons who were victims of Erica’s drunken behavior at their mom’s birthday party, Kyle and Dorit laughed at Erica’s actions and applauded her for becoming “more relaxed” after years of the group complaining about her reclusive nature.

Fans were outraged and called for the trio to be removed from the show. Many accuse Erica of insensitivity and are tired of seeing her rewarded with participation in a reality show. Kyle is criticized by viewers who want the old housewife to be demoted to a friend or removed completely. Dorit has already been criticized by viewers who said she was boring and didn’t add anything special to the show. Now, after seeing that the trio is apparently teaming up against Garcel and her children, many fans are demanding the removal of at least one of the women, as well as Lisa Rinna.

Amid the negative reaction, Kyle responded to the Queens of Bravo repost of a preview clip in which she and Mauricio laugh with Dorit and P.K. over Erica’s abuse of Garcel’s sons. “I was laughing at my friend’s drunken, ridiculous behavior,” Kyle said. “NOT about disrespecting someone’s child.” She told the fan page that she had not witnessed Erica’s exchange with Garcel’s 14-year-old son firsthand, she just reacted to “what she said later.” But looking at the clip, Kyle is clearly laughing, saying that Erica told Garcel’s teenage son to “fuck off.” Her husband responds by noting how “wonderful” he found the exchange with Dorit and the PC’s consent. At one point, Dorit admits that she gave Erica a “pass” because she did not swear with her child before her husband joked that Erica “flew out” after arguing with 14-year-old Garcel shortly after flirting with her 31-year-old son.

After RHOBH star Kyle tried to clarify her answer, fans continued to beat the housewife OG for trying to downplay her “mean girls” moment. “The four of you were laughing,” one fan wrote. “You and your husband are showing the real you,” another added. It’s clear that Kyle, Dorit and Erica will need much more than an Instagram comment to redeem themselves. Erica showed how much she doesn’t care that the audience portrays her as a villain. But Kyle and Dorit pose as more empathetic reality TV stars than Erica, and they probably don’t like all the negative reaction they get.

With children involved in the shadow moment, viewers don’t sweep the last conversation under the carpet. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is calling for someone to leave the show, and the producers have to respond. With many viewers threatening to boycott the show, Andy Cohen will have to decide how to move on. Between Lisa Rinna expressing microaggression towards Garcel and other colored housewives, Erica berating a black child, and four white actors laughing about it, Bravo may have to take serious measures to repair the damage in order not to lose viewers.