RHOBH: Kyle Richards Reveals the “Real” Apology She Gave to Garcel

Kyle Richards has revealed the “sincere” apologies she and her husband have made to Garcel Beauvais after their behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle and Mauricio were heavily criticized after the last episode showed that they got a punch from Erica Jane berating 14-year-old son Garcel. Fans were outraged by the preview clip, which showed Kyle Mauricio meeting Dorit and P. K. Kemsley, where they laughed at the verbal attack. Mauricio and P.K. even joked about it. “I mean, it’s not funny, but it’s funny,” Kyle said before her husband remarked how “great” he found it.
Garcel didn’t find out about this dubious moment until it was shown in the series. When a fan drew her attention to it on Twitter, Garcel said she was seeing it for the first time and added an angry smiley face for extra emphasis. Kyle turned to the controversial clip on social media after becoming the subject of negative messages from online critics. Kyle had more than one incident to resolve after another preview clip showed her insensitive reaction to Sutton Strack revealing her two past miscarriages. Amid the backlash, Kyle sent a series of Instagram Story messages telling fans that she apologized to Sutton the day after the party. But fans noticed that she never apologized to Garcel.
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But now Kyle wants to make it clear that both she and Mauricio have reached out to Garcel to apologize. “My husband and I both, of course, apologized to Garcel,” Kyle said of her and Mauricio during an Amazon live broadcast on Tuesday, as reported by Us Weekly. Housewife OG said she didn’t mention the apology in her Instagram stories. “because, to be honest, when I apologized, it was sincere,” she said. Her disclosure came a week after she was asked about the controversial clip during a performance in London. At the time, Kyle said the time difference confused her and she said she planned to write to Garcel.
Now that she has revealed that she and Mauricio have apologized, fans may wonder if Kyle has spoken to Garcel in person or just texted her an apology. The two have had an uneasy friendship ever since Garcelle joined the 10th season of RHOBH. Despite being a Hollywood actress, Garcel had difficulty getting any loyalty from Kyle and Lisa Rinna. The audience criticized several actors for the constant attacks to which Garcel was subjected. In addition to Kyle, Dorit and their husbands taunting her son, who is being mistreated by Erica, Garcel has also faced recent attacks from Lisa and newcomer Diane Jenkins.
Fans criticized the cast and accused them of showing microaggression against Garcel. Being the only black housewife in the series, it’s easy for viewers to see Garcel’s separation from many ladies. The ongoing drama “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” sets the stage for an interesting reunion. Kyle may have apologized to Garcel privately, but viewers will expect her to address this on screen for everyone to see. If Kyle felt comfortable enough to laugh about the disturbing incident on camera, her apology should be fine, too.