RHOBH: Garcelle launches Haitian-style home decor brand


Garcel Beauvais has a reason to celebrate the launch of the Haiti-inspired “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s home decor collection. Garcel’s name was hot in the press after the last episode, which showed Erica Jane’s drunken behavior at her birthday party. Erica angered viewers after flirting with Garcel’s eldest son Oliver, who is married, and cursed her 14-year-old son Jax. Garcel confronted Erica about her treatment of her sons. But as soon as the episode aired, Garcel found out how funny Erica’s antics seemed to Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umanski, Dorit and P. K. Kemsley.

Two couples and Erica were criticized for their behavior. This comes amid growing criticism of several actors over their alleged microaggression against Garcel. A week before the episode aired, Lisa Rinna faced a backlash after defending the predominantly white cast from criticism whenever someone feuds with Garcel. Elsewhere, newcomer Diane Jenkins was also sharply criticized for a questionable post she targeted Garcel, where she berated her while sharing details about her past donations to Garcel’s home countries, Haiti and Congo. Many have caused constant attacks on the show’s only black housewife.

But Garcel has many more reasons to smile after she launched a new business venture that matches her passion for home design. On Tuesday, she announced the launch of Garcelle at Home, a brand of indoor and outdoor home decor created in collaboration with HSN Design Development and Global Sourcing (DDGS), according to People. The collection will be sold exclusively on the HSN website and will become a “dream come true” of the veteran actress and star of Bravo. “I’ve always been obsessed with home decor and interior design, so the fact that I now have my own clothing line is definitely the moment I got pinched,” Garcel said, talking about her new brand. The collection draws inspiration from Garcel’s Haitian roots.

Bright colors and bold patterns create a sense of a modern tropical lifestyle, reflecting Garcel’s Haitian culture and upbringing. “As a little girl in Haiti, I could never have dreamed of such a big one!” she said. The collection includes many essentials for home decor, such as beaded napkins, bed linen textiles, bedspreads, pillows, rugs and other accessories. Prices range from $20 to $130. “I like textures, colors and prints, and I really wanted it all to feel like an escape when you put it together,” Garcel said of the look of her line. It’s the perfect follow-up to her embellished resume of natural passions. “An actor, a talk show host, and now an interior designer,” she said.

The big announcement comes at the right time. With all the negative press associated with Garcel’s colleagues on the film, she receives a lot of support from fans. The investors and companies behind the home decor collection are probably happy with all the hype surrounding the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star. The ladies may have tried to beat Garcel in season 12. But the situation changed, and eventually she became a fan favorite. Garcel now has a home decor line under her name and a room full of possibilities where she could use this extension of her brand. Garcel plays chess with his colleagues, not checkers.