RHOBH: Garcelle Beauvais Receives Shocking Message from Diane Jenkins


Garcel Beauvais received a shocking message from Diane Jenkins during the announcement of the next episode of the series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Garcel has been a fan favorite housewife since she joined the franchise in 2020. Diana is the newest housewife in Beverly Hills, she is filming for the first time this season.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is evolving this season with drama in every episode. The ladies returned for season 12 in May, adding a new full-time housewife, Diana. She wasted no time and after each episode became a topic of conversation for fans. From her relationship with her younger partner Asher to raising a nearly 2-year-old child at the age of 48, Diana surprises many. Earlier this season, Diana spoke with Kyle Umansky about having a miscarriage shortly before filming.

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Based on the announcement of the next episode of RHOBH, Diana may be preparing for her first feud between housewives. After the ladies return home from a roller coaster ride to Mexico, Kyle decides to send a group message to find out about his colleagues on the set and find out how they feel after the trip. What followed—the response from the newly arrived Diana—shocked all the ladies in their respective confessions. Diana writes to the ladies, saying that after returning home from Mexico, doctors forced her to bed rest due to incessant bleeding. Diana blames the trip as a whole on her health, stating: “This trip, flying, drinking and burning my candle ended after losing the baby, bleeding for eight weeks immediately after the miscarriage and four major surgeries that followed in the last few weeks to save me. the uterus wasn’t a very smart thing.” According to the preview clip shared by E! News, Garcel says in her confession that, realizing for the first time that her name is spelled incorrectly in the text, she reads the end of Diana’s group message, which reads: “But Garcel might think I’m rude, so here it is.” This is a puzzling reason why Diana reveals all this information in a group text, which she usually doesn’t.

Reality TV star Garcel and the ladies interpret these messages from Diana as a clear indication that she will not be attending Garcel’s upcoming party. Lisa Rinna likes Diana’s questionable behavior, and Kyle drops his phone completely after finishing reading the text. In general, the girls feel stuck in the middle with this group text from Diana. On the one hand, they feel terrible that Diana had to go through this traumatic medical problem. But they should also point out the awkwardness of starting beef with Garcelle during a group message designed to shed light on her health struggles.

The cast always appears with drama in every episode of RHOBH. This time, the drama with a loud text from Diana shocked even the actors with its piquancy. Garcel is not one to back down, and she is always ready to stand up for herself or her friends. Diana must prepare to meet Garcel in a sit-in so that Garcel can figure out for herself why Diana decided to start what is sure to be a great housewives feud with her.