RHOBH: Dorit shares a video about Ramona’s catwalk and her “chic” comments


Fashion icon, influential person and star of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Dorit Kemsley recently shared a funny and “chic” video on social networks. Dorit is known for many things, including her appearances on reality shows and presence on social media. The Instagram star RHOBH has over a million followers on her Instagram account alone, and a large number of fans are looking forward to seeing Dorit’s highlights on Instagram.

Her subscribers can expect publications about her fashion line, friendship with celebrities and family, as well as some fun moments. Dorit regularly shares several videos, reposts and memes, including videos that cause a lot of conversations. In the past, the RHOBH star has been accused of craving attention and using her social media platforms as a way to gain more fame, but that’s not always the case. The reality TV star also offers fans a peek into her family by sharing photos of her children that show how dedicated Dorit is to being a great mom.

But in a recent Instagram story, Dorit seems to have burst out laughing, posting a hilarious clip with Ramona Singer, the star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” who takes a rather intense step down the catwalk with the catch phrase “so gorgeous.” printed below. The video itself is a viral clip, which is most notable for the serious facial expression and concentration of the star and has become something of a meme among fans and viewers. Dorit even continued to post more stories signed with her seemingly favorite phrase “so gorgeous” after the clip from the catwalk.

Dorit wasn’t the only one who brought the infamous rack back to social media, as a recent RHONY graduate, Jill Zarin, shot a TikTok video having fun with the same shots. In TikTok, you can see how RHONY star Jill mockingly utters words criticizing Ramona during the playback of the clip and even compared her gait to that of a “giraffe or robot”, calling her hysterical. But there are no hard feelings, as Jill continued, “No shadows, love Ramona,” with a heart emoji in the comments section of the video.

The footage from Ramona’s fashion show caused laughter from other housewives and models, but it seems that there is an umbrella of support between all the women involved. Although some have called Dorit “unbearable” in the past, it doesn’t feel like a drama or the beginning of a feud, rather the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star seems to be having a good time and focused on having a laugh. like lately. She seems to have a lot to focus on in her life, including her family, the brands she founded, and her fast-paced lifestyle of an influencer.


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