RHOBH: Denise Welch Accuses Lisa Rinna of Using Grief to Be ‘Nasty’


English actress and TV presenter Denise Welch overshadows the celebrity of the series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Lisa Rinna for her antics in the series, calling her “vile”. Lisa stands out among the other housewives in the twelfth season of RHOBH for her tendency to be in the thick of controversy. She ran into Sutton Strake early on because of an Elton John gala and a misunderstanding about who paid for the tickets. Sutton claimed that she bought tickets to the event for Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin, for which, according to her, Lisa never thanked her. Lisa was hurt and offended by the accusation and came with receipts that Sutton had not paid for their tickets, as she claimed. This was followed by a growing tension between the two women, each of whom is formidable in her own way, which escalated into a full-scale fight.

Lisa has a history of stirring the pot and voicing her opinion. The actress of the series is known not only for her trademark big lips and layered hairstyle, but also for her loud mouth and willingness to address the elephant in the room. However, not everyone appreciates her style of conflict management, and many fans in recent years have complained about her role in RHOBH, accusing her of rushing into arguments to strengthen her storyline or attract attention. Lisa recently got into hot water over comments she made about women from The Real Housewives of Dubai. Lisa cast a shadow on housewives on social media, and they responded with enthusiasm and anger. In the end, Lisa apologized to the women, but the damage was done to the viewers, who felt that Lisa had gone too far.

Although Lisa had many loyal fans, Lisa had a new critic in the person of TV presenter Denise Welch. Denise shared on social media her thoughts about Lisa’s behavior this season and how she treats other women in the series. Ahead of her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Lisa shared a tweet urging viewers to drink rum and Coca-Cola in honor of her late mother. Lisa’s mother, beloved by Lois fans, died in November 2021.

Now Lisa Rinna is grieving for her mother both personally and publicly. In response to Lisa ‘s tweet , Denise wrote: “I lost my father in September. It didn’t make me disgusting to everyone!! You can’t justify your behavior and hide behind your loss.” The English actress could not resist and further wrote: “Your mom would be terrified. I used to adore you!!” While Denise is offended by Lisa’s behavior, Sutton, who has been the focus of most of Lisa’s anger, doesn’t look so upset.

The tweet, although harsh and condemnatory, provoked a response from many fans. Many of the responses to the tweet echoed Denise’s feelings, and viewers came out of the house to say that although they used to like Lisa’s antics, now they find her unbearable. However, others claim that she deserved some space and mercy after losing her mother, with whom she was very close. Whether her fans love her or hate her, Lisa is a pillar of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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