RHOA: Kandy and Marlo are apparently throwing shade at Each other on Twitter


Anyone who watches The Real Housewives of Atlanta knows that Marlo Hampton has a very shady side, and because of her shady side, she got into a Twitter feud with Kandi Burruss. Hampton joined the reality show in season 4 as a friend of former housewife Nene Leakes, and she somehow managed to quarrel with almost all the housewives of the seasons in which she appeared, including Leakes. Despite her belligerence, Burruss insisted that Hampton hold her peach, and now that she has done so, Hampton’s darkness has increased. In the trailer for the 14th season of RHOA, Hampton argues with most of the current housewives, except Shari Whitfield and Sani Richards-Ross.

Before the start of the new season of RHOA, Burruss mentioned in various media outlets that she got into a major fight with Hampton, which surpassed in scale any feud they had previously. When the problem arose initially, the two thought they would not have a friendship, but they were able to overcome it. Things were so good between them that Burruss promoted an article featuring Hampton on her social media, and they even captured moments when they spent time with each other. Now that the season is airing, it seems that things have gone awry between them.

In a recent episode of RHOA, Hampton was seen beating up Burruss’ character Whitfield, and Hampton even went so far as to discuss Burruss’ previous sex life. Burruss tweeted: “Someone is more worried about my anatomy and sexual history than my gynecologist this season.” Although the tweet seemed to be about her, Hampton retweeted Burruss’ tweet and said: “I feel you, Sister, they’ve been doing this to me for over 10 years, let them hate me.” Burruss continued to dig up Hampton, saying, “Keep watching this season because the lady with the heavy tongue keeps my name in her mouth!” Hampton continued to cover the situation, saying, “Keep watching because the lady with the heavy tongue makes everyone’s storyline juicy and brings a salary!” At this point, fans accused Hampton of that she sacrificed her friendship for a salary.

If someone shows you who he is, trust him… because he talks about me more than his stories and business #RHOA

Just minutes before shading Hampton, Burruss tweeted in which she said, “If someone shows you who he is, believe him… because they talk about me more than their own stories. and enterprises”. In the end, Hampton lashed out at fans because fans of the show scolded her for the mess. She said: “Where have you been for the last 10 years when I was called by all the negative names in the book, except as a child of God?” Kenya Moore also shared her thoughts on what Hampton and Whitfield said after seeing her name also mentioned in their conversation. However, Moore shared tweets about what others said instead of getting into a feud, and she was clearly on Burruss’ side. Moore retweeted Burruss’ comment about believing in who people are when they show that side of themselves, and she wrote her own tweet calling Burruss “a kind, honest and humble person and a true friend to many.”

This Twitter feud between Hampton and Burruss is the second Twitter feud between housewives since the 14th season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” began. Not so long ago, Drew Sidora and Richards-Ross got into their own feud on Twitter after Sidora felt that Richards-Ross wasn’t a good friend to her. Usually by the reunion episode, most of the problems between housewives are resolved, but since the season is still far away, fans of the show will have to rely on social media for real-time updates about RHOA’s friendship.