RHOA: Candy Barrus responds to fan complaints about friendship with Marlo

Singer, songwriter and star of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Candi Burruss wrote on Twitter to respond to fans who told about her relationship with Marlo Hampton. Kandy joined the cast of the second season of RHOA, and many loved her for her trouble-free character. Naturally, the star had problems with many actors, but usually these problems started when Kandy felt that she was being provoked. The Grammy winner also had problems whenever she felt her family or business was being attacked by the actor.
Throughout the series, Kandy and current housewife Marlo Hampton have maintained a cordial friendship, but in recent years they have become closer. Before the start of the broadcast of the 14th season of RHOA, Kandy mentioned that she and Marlo had a bad moment during the season, but they were able to reconcile the relationship. As soon as the show started airing, Kandy and Mir found out about the harsh things Marlo was saying behind her back, which complicated their friendship. Just a few weeks ago, they were going back and forth on Twitter and throwing each other a few questionable comments.
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A new episode of RHOA recently aired on Bravo, and in this episode, Marlo confessed to Kandy about the difficulties she faced in raising her nephews. Of course, Kandy supported Marlo at this point, but that was because she didn’t know that Marlo had previously killed off her character in a private conversation with Shari Whitfield. Fans noticed Marlo’s hypocrisy and raised questions about it on Twitter. Twitter user @hgrepk asked: “How are you GOING with her, but will you trust her? It just shows how mature and real @kandi is.” Kandy answered the question by saying, “It’s so weird… Mind you, I didn’t know she was stalking me the way she was doing when we had this conversation. a little different.” Responding to fans on Twitter, Kandy also mentioned that she was upset when she saw Shari and Marlo talking about her in a private setting, and then accused her of not being a good friend when they all got together.
It’s so weird…. Mind you, I didn’t know she was stalking me the way she did when we had this conversation. Obviously, seeing how it all plays out on TV, it looks a little different… #RHOA https://t.co/51v9TeiGdY
— Kandy Burruss (@Kandi) July 11, 2022
Reality TV star Candy also responded to tweets about criticism she received from co-stars on set for asking them to wear vibrating underwear from her sex toy line when they went to New York to see one of her plays on Broadway. Fans noted this because in the last episode of the show, the ladies told Cherie to stand over the incense to clean her private parts after her breakup with Tyrone Gilliams, whom Cherie dated while he was incarcerated. In this regard, Twitter user @diaryblkmo2 said: “I’m still waiting for outrage about this event, because you all made @Kandi hell because of vibrating panties.” To this, Kandy said, “EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Are they the same women? Now they are going to smoke a whole C****** with incense, but the vibrating panties outraged them. can’t!”
Episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are still airing, and so much has happened between the women so far. As already mentioned, Kandy and Marlo’s friendship was broken, and now it seems that the same can be said about Marlo’s friendship with Kenya Moore. Fans of the show believe that Marlo creates additional drama by trying to save the peach that she was just given. While some think she needs to do everything to keep her position, many believe that Marlo will soon find herself alone if she continues to harm her friendship for the sake of the show.