RHOA: Andy Cohen Apologizes to Kandy For Questioning Riley


Candi Burruss, a business mogul and current housewife from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, said that Andy Cohen apologized to her for asking her daughter Riley Burruss about her father on the program “Watch What Happens Live.” Kandy appeared on Cohen’s show, and while there Riley worked as the show’s bartender. During the show, Cohen questioned Riley about her relationship with her father, Russell “Block” Spencer. Riley didn’t say much about the situation, but said she couldn’t remember the last time she spoke to her father.

Although Kandy did not comment on the situation at the moment, she later said that she did not like Cohen’s question. The owner of Kandy’s bedroom thought the line of questioning would have been more appropriate if Riley had been prepared for it. Burruss has always considered Riley’s relationship with her father a delicate issue, as the relationship between the father and daughter duo has always been estranged. Kandy always wanted Riley to have a relationship with Block, but because of his actions, Riley always found it difficult to create a connection that should have been natural.

Kandy recently spoke to E! and said that she and Cohen apologized for questioning Riley. “He just wanted to apologize and say he didn’t mean to hurt us in any way or anything like that,” she said. The star also said she never thought Cohen had any evil intentions towards her daughter. Kandy has doubled down on how sensitive the situation is, and she believes that some people don’t understand its seriousness, and this may cause them to ask or say something that may be inappropriate. The star also said that there are times when she and Cohen can say things that might offend each other, however “… we can always go back to the same page. So he apologized, and I was good. not so deep for me.”

Although Kandy is back on the same page with Cohen, the same cannot be said about her, Marlo Hampton and Cherie Whitfield. Before the start of the broadcast of the 14th season, Kandy announced Whitfield as the queen of the season and shared that she and Hampton were in good condition, despite problems during filming. However, now that part of the season has aired, Kandy has become aware of the actions of Whitfield and Hampton, which she does not like. “They had a lot to say about me that I didn’t understand, because when we were filming together, they didn’t say it while I was around,” Kandy said. In addition to talking about her sex life, Hampton told Whitfield that, in her opinion, Kandy should do more for her community and relatives. Kandy said she does a lot not only for her community, but also for the Hamptons. Kandy added, “So for her, what she was saying was just ‘wow.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Unsurprisingly, Kandy and Cohen reconciled, because the last time a housewife from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” expressed anger towards Cohen, they were excluded from the cast of the series. The same reconciliation cannot be guaranteed in Kandy’s relationship with Whitfield and Hampton, because Kandy was stunned by the comments coming from her “friends”. As for Riley, she always said and proved that she was doing fine without her father.; so it’s safe to say that a New York University student is doing well, despite not being ready for a sensitive issue.