Rhea Seahorn talks about Kim’s possible return in the movie “Better Call Saul”


Warning! There are spoilers ahead for the 9th episode of the 6th season of the TV series “Better call Saul”.

Actress Kim Rhea Seahorn decides whether viewers will see her character again in the remaining episodes of the series “Better Call Saul.” First broadcast in 2015 year Better call Saul, to the great delight of many fans, met the high expectations placed on his predecessor, Breaking Bad. The show chronicles the downfall of lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) when he transforms into sleazy criminal defense attorney Saul Goodman. Along with Saul, the series also tells the story of lawyer Kim Wexler, who eventually marries Jimmy and helps him cheat on various colleagues.

Now, in the midst of the sixth and final season, in the last episode Better call Saul, episode 9, Kim makes an important decision. After Lalo (Tony Dalton) kills Howard in Jimmy’s living room, and Kim is forced to try to kill Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), she makes the difficult decision to leave her husband and stop practicing law. The episode’s unexpected ending then jumps back in time to a future, sleazy version of Saul where Kim is nowhere to be found, leading many viewers to wonder if Seahorn’s beloved character will return before “Better Call Saul” comes to an end.

In a new interview with EW, Seahorn says whether Kim will appear in any of the remaining episodes, and ultimately decided to keep the answer a secret. However, the actress explains that her important moment with Jimmy was very similar to an independent finale. Regardless of whether viewers will see Kim again, the version of the character that viewers loved and her relationship with Jimmy has come to an end. Check out Seahorn’s full comment below:

“I can’t say if we’ll see her again. And even the fans who were smart enough to understand when I was in Albuquerque and when I wasn’t — we shot a lot of things out of sequence, whether it was locations or weather. or COVID[-19] or something like that. So no one could tell when someone was wrapped up, or what it meant in the story sequentially. Therefore, I will not talk about whether we will see her again and in what capacity. she’ll say it’s a devastating decision she’s making, and the end of the relationship-Jim and Kimmy that we knew-and her law practice is their own end, no matter what. It’s painful. And it was a terrible punch in the gut when I had to play it [laughs].”

While Odenkirk’s performance was a highlight in “Better Call Saul,” Seahorn’s Kim quickly became a fan favorite. Since Kim did not appear in Breaking Bad, many fans were worried that the character would not survive the events of the prequel. Although Seahorn does not reveal whether Kim will return in the final episodes, her ending as it exists in the last episode is in some ways crucial, as the character essentially abandons the elements of her life that bound her. To Jimmy.

However, with four episodes of “Better Call Saul” left, it looks like viewers haven’t seen Kim for the last time yet. It remains to be seen what form the final episodes will take in terms of their position on the timeline, but a recent trailer for the series shows Gene, Jimmy’s future alter ego, returning to Albuquerque, New Mexico, from Nebraska. potentially hinting at a reunion. However, if Kim doesn’t return in Better Call Saul, many fans will no doubt be happy to see that the character Seahorn has survived recent episodes that have already scored enough victims.