Rhea Seahorn Deserves an Emmy for These 8 Scenes of “Better Call Saul”


Rhea Seahorn is the main reason why Kim is one of the fans’ favorite characters from Better Call Saul. The character is complex, multi-layered and always makes fans wonder what’s on her mind at any moment. And Seehorn manages to bring it all to life.

Kim joins Jimmy in many of his plans, sometimes encouraging him in the first place. However, she also does wonderful things for people in need through her pro bono legal work. To play such a character, you need a versatile actor, and Seahorn copes with it perfectly. Over the course of the show’s six seasons, some of her scenes stand out especially as Emmy-worthy. Since 2022 will be the last year she will be eligible for the role as the show ends season 6, fans are hoping that many of these scenes will bring Seahorn the statue she so deserves.

Pimento (Season 1, episode 9)

In the first season, Kim gives the impression of a quiet and reserved, talented lawyer who knows that she is good at her job and deserves more, but never speaks for herself. Her ambition to become a partner one day means that although she doesn’t like the way Jimmy is being treated, and sometimes even the way she is being treated, she keeps quiet about it.

But in one scene of the first episode, Kim got bored, and she finally confronts Howard. She defends Jimmy, proving that she is one of the bravest characters in the series “Better Call Saul”, after Howard took charge of the Sandbox case built by Jimmy. Kim not only shows her sympathy for Jimmy, but finally speaks for herself in general. Sihorn captures the spirit of a young woman who, outwardly speaking for a friend, also lets go of years of frustration and resentment at her patronizing boss.

Switch (Season 2, Episode 1)

Up to this point, Seahorn portrayed Kim as a talented lawyer who rarely deviates from the script, doing his job and doing it well. But it is clear that there is something more hiding under the surface, and it is in this episode that fans will finally see how Kim has relaxed her vigilance.

Pretending to be a rich woman named Giselle, she and Jimmy arrange a scam in a restaurant to get an expensive bottle of tequila. Even Jimmy is both surprised and impressed by how well Kim handles the lies, as well as her vertigo in achieving success. Although she’s doing something terrible, the way Seahorn plays the character makes fans love her, appreciating her loyalty to Jimmy and her intent to overthrow the rich and powerful, even when she’s completely manipulating someone and lying.

The Road of Choice (Season 5, episode 9)

During that episode when Jimmy was stuck in the desert with Mike, struggling with the heat and lack of water and running away from enemies, Kim was terribly worried. Seahorn made fans sympathize with her as she struggled with her emotions, not knowing where he was or if he was okay.

When she decides to visit Lalo in prison, the horror on her face becomes obvious when she meets this bloodthirsty criminal drug lord. But it’s also clear that Kim — one of the best characters in “Better Call Saul” according to Reddit—will never let others see his fear. When she yells at Lalo, blaming him for Jimmy’s disappearance and insulting his ability to run a successful business, he can do nothing but smile. It is at this moment that Lalo realizes that Kim is the stronger of the two, and it is the image of Sihorn that sells the performance. In this scene, some compared Kim to Walter White from Breaking Bad, when he finally gained confidence and became more brazen in his words and actions.

Carrot and Stick (Season 6, episode 2)

While Jimmy tries to reason with the Kettlemans, using his carrot-offering strategy to get what he needs, Kim sits quietly in the background. She’s supposed to be just out there on a trip, watching Jimmy do his thing.

But when it becomes obvious that Jimmy’s plan is not working, Kim gets up and begins a long monologue with the words “enough carrots”. She then proceeds to mercilessly accuse the Kettlemans of cheating, which she found out they were carrying out, which she quietly observed and understood in the background during the short time they were there. She continues to blackmail and threaten them, forcing them to do what she wants, even calling her friend at the IRS, ready to report them before they finally give in in a panic. Kim is terrible at the moment, even Jimmy is shaking in his shoes at how ruthless she can be. Seahorn easily deserves an Emmy for this scene.

Fun and Games (Season 6, episode 9)

In one of the show’s most heartbreaking scenes, Jimmy returns home and sees Kim’s packed bags in the bedroom. The look on Seahorn’s face when she plays this scene made the fans cry. It was clear that she loved Jimmy, but as she told him, love wasn’t enough. They weren’t right for each other, and she knew that if she stayed with him, they would go down a bad path together.


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