RGIII Shows Interest in Cowboys: NFS World Reaction


RGIII pitched against the Cowboys twice a year for three seasons during his time in Washington, but now it looks like the former rookie of the year would like to match them.

After Dak Prescott went down due to a hand injury, Dallas was forced to turn to backup veteran Cooper Rush, who completed just 7 of his 13 passes for 64 yards.

Prompting Griffin to tweet: “The Cowboys got the wrong number 10 on the field.”

The NFL world reacted to RGIII’s comment on social media.

“Stop talking and call Jerry tonight,” one fan laughed.

“I’ll call you in 20 minutes to have your stuff packed and I need your version of Baylor here in the morning,” said another.

“Control them, Jerry.”

The ESPN analyst said he was still willing to accept offers for a backup position.


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