Rewind: YouTube Closes Annual Retrospective After 10 Issues


YouTube has officially confirmed that it will no longer produce the platform’s year-end retrospective videos. Called “Rewind”, they started in 2010 as a sort of ranking of the most popular clips and content creators of the past few months.

However, the company was criticized in some of the more recent editions for a variety of reasons, from ignoring certain guests on “Rewind” to more complex (and apparently expensive) productions that only featured youtubers quickly.

The 2018 video was one of the most overlooked in the service’s history, which made the company change the formula the following year. As early as 2020, the video was canceled by covid-19 restrictions and the heavy climate of the pandemic.

What will be done instead?

According to YouTube, the end of “Rewind” is not about complaints, but about the current size of the company, which has become so big that it is no longer possible to summarize the annual highlights around the world in less than 10 minutes. .

However, the company says it will keep an eye on the YouTubers’ own retrospectives and create a “new end-of-the-year interactive experience” without detailing what will be done.

“It’s still inspiring to see how many paths the world’s most creative content creators — our YouTubers — take at the end of the year in their video retrospectives as YouTube retires its own Rewind video,” he confirms a company spokesperson to the Tubefilter website.


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