Rewind Hispano: Youtubers of the Year Among Us


Content creator Alecmolon presents a tribute to the most popular influencers of the year with the games that have marked this 2020 via streaming.

We are coming to the end of a year 2020 completely marked by the global crisis of the coronavirus, a pandemic that has affected the entire planet and has changed millions of people from day to day; And it is that the times of confinement have been a challenge both on a personal and professional level, although they have also promoted aspects such as internet entertainment, more specifically that of content creators or influencers, either through YouTube videos or through streamings. That is why, in the absence of this 2020 of the already classic official Rewind by YouTube, we receive with open arms the Rewind Hispano 2020 by Alecmolon, a review of the trends of the middle of this year through the most faces popular and the most viral games.

The most popular Spanish-speaking youtubers

Thus, and through an entire crossover of Hollywood productions, Alecmolon has managed to bring together the best of the year on YouTube and Twitch with the most popular content creators who have offered the most hours of entertainment this 2020. No one is missing; from Ibai Llanos to WillyRex, passing through ElRubius, TheGrefg, Alexby11, DjMaRiiO or Cristinini, streamer that in this house, MeriStation, we remember for his time on the daily news program El Pixel.

But it is also that Rewind Hispano 2020 is in itself a tribute to the most viral video games of this year and others that, despite their longevity, continue to maintain high audience figures on the internet, We are talking, of course, about titles such as Among Us, one of the multiplayer of the year, or Fall Guys, the crazy battle royale of races and platforms; not without forgetting other key titles such as Call of Duty Zombies or the ubiquitous Minecraft.

Although one of the highlights of the video is the heartfelt tribute to health workers, professionals who continue to give their all to fight the pandemic in all hospitals and health centers. In short, a 17-minute long video clip with high production values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you cannot miss if you are fans of online entertainment and video games.


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