Reviews are shifting in YouTube’s Android and iOS App


YouTube previously showed comments for a video below their video recommendations. With the change in the interface, the comments of the videos will now be just below the video description.

Video comments on Youtube’s mobile app have been under the recommended videos so far. Users who wanted to see the comments of the video could only see the comments when they came to the end of the suggested videos. On the criticism received, YouTube decided to change the place of video comments in the interface and started working. We immediately announced this interface change of YouTube to you.

YouTube for mobile applications has completed the interface update, and now the details of the interface update, where the comments will be located just below the video description, have become clear. From now on, video comments on YouTube’s Android and iOS app will be just below the description of the video being played.

Youtube also made changes to the way video comments are sorted. After that, the comments will be automatically sorted according to the user’s interactions. Comments pinned by the creators will no longer appear in the first place of Comments.

Other changes have been made to the interface of YouTube’s mobile app
Youtube has made some other changes to the interface update where video comments have been displaced. The thumbnail of the video that appears in the Upcoming Video section in the new interface has been enlarged so that the video title can be seen exactly.

The update, which includes changes made by YouTube, has not been released yet for either Android or iOS apps. The update is expected to be released in a few days. Be sure to check the YouTube app updates for updates.


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