Reviews of “A Streetcar Name Desire” Hail Paul Mescal As “Awfully Good” For Bringing “Dangerous Energy” to The Stage


Reviews of the latest production of A Streetcar Name Desire starring Paul Mescal — and critics are full of praise.

Mezcal plays the abusive Stanley in the classic play by Tennessee Williams, which has received a new lease of life at London’s Almeida Theatre. Reviewers hailed the “Normal People” star for his role in the play.

Starring alongside Patsy Ferrand as the main character Blanche Dubois, Mescal’s performance was called “terribly good”, and reviews praised his “dangerous energy in the role, as well as his “natural” presence on stage.

The Guardian praised the production in a four-star review. The review of Mescal says: “Mescal looks as natural on stage as on screen. He has an empty contempt for Blanche and her overbearing judgments about him, but we see his jealous insecurity through his rage, and that the real fight between Stanley and Blanche is for Stella’s heart.”

Further, the review concludes: “Despite all the ingenious fiction and unnaturalism, it is the power of these ideas that gives this production a furious and dangerous energy.”

The Evening Standard also prefers to note Mescal’s performance as the antagonist of Stanley Kowalski’s play, commenting: “He’s awfully good: insinuating, feline Kowalski with an evil grin and an incipient mullet, violence in him is barely restrained.”

Meanwhile, The Independent claims that Mescal has “truly transformed” compared to his previous roles in this production. “His Stanley Kowalski radiates rage, wears his psychopathy on his sleeve, with a menacing sexuality that can stop traffic—or make you run and hide,” the reviewer claims. “Connell’s golden chain is broken. Fascinating to watch.”

The Telegraph agrees with its columnist’s comment: “Mezcal exudes the tenderness of the neighborhood boy we fell in love with on TV, in a performance that glitters with muscular immobility and a mindset of suppressed rage.”

Mezcal can be seen in “A Streetcar Name Desire” at the Almeida Theater until February 4.


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