Reviews of The Grey Man are already online, and critics don’t stop talking about Chris Evans.” The villain, despite the mixed reaction to the Netflix movie

Ever since Chris Evans appeared in the trailer for “Grey Man” to turn the life of CIA operative Ryan Gosling into hell, viewers have been thrilled to see the “Avengers” actor transform into villain Lloyd Hansen. The Russo brothers’ adaptation of Mark Greaney’s book will be available to Netflix subscribers, and thanks to the ability of famous directors to bring funny characters to life among exciting action scenes, fans hope that they will enjoy the impressively mustachioed Evans. Well, the reviews are ready, and indeed, they all have something to say about how the Gray Man turned an “American Ass” into an “American Ass”.
The first reviews of the film seemed promising, and early screenings drew a lot of praise for both Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling (as well as supporting actors). Let’s see what critics have to say about Evans Lloyd Hansen’s “human wreck” and about the film as a whole. We’ll start with CinemaBlend’s review of The Grey Man, which Mike Reyes rates at an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5 possible. The show stealer:
Lloyd Hansen is a fantastically villainous rival of the court nobility, and Evans gets involved in this venture with a knife and fork in his hands. Every threat, every insult and every outburst of anger is a pleasure. If comedy hitman Kevin Kline from “Fish named Wanda” had a more formidable brother who really worked for the underground services, it would be Chris Evans’ Lloyd.
Peter Debruge of Variety agrees that this big-budget summer blockbuster is an exciting firework in which Chris Evans is as “vividly excessive” as Ryan Gosling is understated. If the story is a little lacking, the film makes up for it with its cast, this review says:
There is nothing particularly original in the narrative. Take a little Shooter, a lot of John Wick, add a little Jason Bourne, shake (but don’t mix) into the license to kill formula, and you get the basic idea. What makes “The Grey Man” exciting—and let’s not beat around the bush: this is Netflix’s most exciting original action project since Bright-is the shades the ensemble brings to its characters, and the little ways Russo gets through those other films failed.
Deadline’s Pete Hammond calls Chris Evans’ role a “game changer” and says he proves he has the ability to stylishly play more complex characters like Lloyd Hansen.:
After playing the heroic and steadfast Captain America in several films, including both the Avengers finales for Russo, viewers will be surprised by this side of Evans, but he succeeds. The collaboration of Gosling and Evans, as well as the excellent supporting cast, make this film one of the best films of the Russo brothers, an exciting ride full of chases, fights and explosions, but, more importantly, strong character development and a much wittier script. what it has a right to be.
Hoai-Tran Bui from SlashFilm evaluates the “Gray Man” by only 5 points out of 10 and says that the finished work is less than the sum of its parts. This review says that the plot of “Tom Clancy’s forgery” is saved only thanks to the cast:
The saving grace lies in the main performers — Gosling may be wasted because of all his talents, but at least he always attracts the eye, even if it seems that he is just on the verge of fun. …Evans also stands out, chewing his scenes with glee, although the film makes the strange decision to stick him behind the monitor to shout something like “Make him dead!” throughout half of the film.
Some critics, however, say that even the charm of the actors does not save this film: Siddhant Adlaha of IGN also rated the Grey Man “Mediocre” at 5 out of 10. In a film in which there is “no unifying vision,” this critic says Chris Evans does not make an indelible impression, despite these fashionable moments. From the review:
Hansen Evans is touted as a sociopath, but he is less intimidating than Dear Evan Hansen; perhaps Evans is too straightforward a performer, or perhaps the writers and directors have given him little to use in relation to the character’s diabolical villainy. The contrast between his vicious M.O. and his loafers and designer casual clothes seems aggressively simple rather than intriguing, given the utter insignificance of his behavior.
If you can’t wait to see the cat-and-mouse game between Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, you don’t have to wait too long (or go too far). “The Grey Man” will be released on Netflix on Friday, July 22, after a limited release in theaters on Friday, July 15. Be sure to check out some of the other best movies on Netflix, and you can also quickly plan your next trip to the theater by taking a look at our movie release schedule for 2022, and even find out which movies will appear in our box office in 2023.