Review Pulse Wave 2: design and price stand out in the speaker


The Pulse Wave 2 is a Bluetooth speaker from Multilaser launched in late 2019. With a suggested price of R $ 349, the electronic brings IPX6 protection, which guarantees splash resistance, in addition to a 2200 mAh battery, promising up to ten hours of autonomy. The model, which can be found in blue, black and checked, is cylinder shaped and features decorative LED lights. TechTudo has prepared a review of the speaker to help decide if Pulse Wave 2 is good for the user’s goals.

The Pulse Wave 2 design draws attention due to the colorful LED lights that decorate its edges. With large and intuitive buttons, the operation on the accessory becomes simple even without having the cell phone in hand to control the music. The weight of the speaker is 527 grams.

A carrying handle that comes with the box can also be very useful. The weak point in its construction is due to the water resistance, which does not guarantee protection against immersion. Some models priced slightly above bring IPX7 certification, higher than the standard offered by the Multilaser speaker.

Pulse Wave 2 has a power of 20 Watts RMS, which guarantees a relatively high maximum volume. The audio quality, however, leaves a little to be desired. Despite the small speakers dedicated to bass at the ends, the box is due on the lower frequencies.

For users who are not demanding with audio quality or with the presence of bass, Wave 2 can be an option that meets other needs, such as a beautiful design and more affordable price. Multilaser itself offers the Energy Speaker as a more robust speaker option.

Wave 2 has Bluetooth 4.2, which allows quick pairing every time the speaker is turned on, and the initial connection is also simple. The music can fail a few meters away, mainly through walls, but always within the average of what happens in other similar boxes. The Multilaser speaker also allows the connection of two units simultaneously, creating the so-called TWS (True Wireless Stereo) and increasing the total power of the set.

With the cell phone connected, it is possible to answer calls through the box. In our tests, the person on the other end of the line did not question the quality of the audio captured by the microphone. In addition, it is possible to play music from an auxiliary P2 input or microSD card. Charging, in turn, is done using a micro USB cable.

With a 2,200 mAh battery, the Pulse Wave 2 promises up to ten hours of autonomy with 50% volume. Charging, which must be done with a 5V wall charger, takes about four hours. The manufacturer does not recommend using computers and notebooks as a power source.

Cost benefit
The Pulse Wave 2 is a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t stand out for its sound. Design and price may attract less demanding users, but those looking for a model with good reproduction quality and powerful bass, may be disappointed. The suggested price of R $ 349 points to a good cost-benefit option. Despite this, some competing products, even though they are found at higher values, offer important features, such as IPX7 certification and dedication to lower frequencies.


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