Review of the 8th episode of the 6th season of the Animal Kingdom


This review contains spoilers for season 6 of Animal Kingdom. “Revelation” is a beautifully crafted and measured episode of the TNT series Animal Kingdom, which gives its actors enough space to express themselves. After some minor plots from the last season of the crime thriller have been solved, larger-scale problems begin to play a big role in “Revelation”. “Revelation” continues to destroy the new foundation that the Cody boys are trying to build, and what this future may look like for themselves and those associated with them.

As expected, “Animal Kingdom” adds several doses of action to “Revelation”, preserving the exciting aspect of the series. None of the missions in “Revelation” are extremely difficult or very stressful, but they are enough to inject a dose of adrenaline into the “Animal Kingdom”. Of course, every takeoff is accompanied by a crash. “Revelation” begins to show a hint of what this fall may mean for Cody, leaving unanswered many lingering questions about the fate of others.

As “Animal Kingdom” continues to evolve, “Revelation” makes an interesting choice by including more flashbacks than some of the previous “Animal Kingdom” episodes. Most of the flashbacks in the final season of Animal Kingdom revolved around the developing relationship of Baz (Darren Mann) and Julia (Jasper Polish), but they jumped around how they decided to confront them. “Revelation” keeps the focus relatively simple for one day. Julia continues to push the boundaries of her relationship with Baz, despite the closeness of Smurf (Layla George) and Pope (Kevin Cholak), and their shared zeal puts them in a difficult position. The weight of their secret causes a wave of anxiety in the Animal Kingdom, caused by the deception and hostility of the Smurf towards her daughter.

Meanwhile, the current Animal Kingdom storyline gives viewers plenty of tempting segments of their own. Deran (Jake Weary) and Jay (Finn Cole) work with Tommy (Cody Callahan) to commit another heist, while Pope (Sean Hatosy) tries to bury some of his demons forever. Craig (Ben Robson) embarks on a familiar adventure in Revelation. He reunites with Renn (Christina Ochoa) and finds himself returning to the habits he worked so hard on in the last season of Animal Kingdom to distance himself from them. With the three levels of action that “Revelation” provides, it’s hard to find a boring moment.

After the first season of Animal Kingdom, Jay became an organic leader in the Cody family business. Despite facing tons of hostility on his way to the top, Jay has established himself as a balanced leader who can balance the different personalities in his family. Jay has proven time and time again that he is a leader, using a strategy he often uses to get Cody out of difficult situations. “Revelation” begins to show how much Jay has mastered the role of leader. While Deran and Jay pull off a last-minute robbery of the dentist with Tommy, the latter is injured, and Deran and Jay are forced to sew him up. Jay, who has been forced to slowly adjust to the family due to his own painful injuries, tells Tommy to remember the pain so that he doesn’t do stupid things anymore.

The authority that Jay represents in both the legal and illegal side of Cody’s business makes it obvious why Smurf spent so much time preparing him to take her place. However, Deran also demonstrates his leadership role in Revelation. First, he instructs Craig to take care of himself and makes an executive decision to hire Jay for the job that Tommy offers. When Jay doubts Deran’s willingness to get to work so quickly after the diamond robbery, Deran reminds her nephew that Smurf had a network of people who helped her with the operation. He believes that Tommy may be the first of many whom Cody takes under his wing to train and do the work in his own way.

Pope has traditionally had one of the most heartbreaking storylines in Animal Kingdom, but Pope has an equally fascinating side to his charm, which he demonstrates in Revelation. Like his family, Pope builds most of his business relationships through bullying, and it always works in his favor. “Revelation” fits well with the rest of the final season of “Animal Kingdom,” giving Craig one of the most unfortunate storylines. While his brothers and nephew seem to be progressing, Craig seems unable to break the cycle in which he has been trapped for six seasons. His inertia begins to raise the question of how far the Cody boys are distancing themselves from the Smurf operation. When Pope needed help, she swept it under the carpet, and at the moment it seems that some of Cody’s boys are doing the same with Craig.

Somehow, with all the individual things happening in Revelation, the episode is incredibly dynamic.


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