Review of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Edition”: Decorate The Halls With Marvel Magic


Look for the Star Wars holiday edition on Disney+ and you won’t find anything. Disney’s Christmas holiday in 1978 is remembered not so much for the fact that he first appeared on the screen as Boba Fett, but for the scene where Chewbacca’s father watched porn. …)

Nevertheless, he inspired a whole generation of fans to find the strange and kitschy side of the force — among them James Gunn, whose own “Guardians of the Galaxy” films became an alternative “Star Wars” saga, which still holds a leading position. from the MCU. Now that he’s finally been allowed to make his holiday special (a few years, pandemics and controversies in the studio are overdue), Gunn’s “Christmas Carol” in Guardians is as weird, hilarious and ironically tasteless as you’d expect.

Peter (Chris Pratt) is sad. It’s December on Earth, and he’s thinking about all the Christmases he missed because he was abducted by aliens as a boy and forced to engage in space piracy. The Guardians are the whole family now, and they want to make amends to him, so Drax (Dave Batista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) decide to give him the only thing he hasn’t stopped talking about since the 80s – the star of “Free” Kevin. Bacon. Immediately go to Hollywood to participate in an old-fashioned Yuletide abduction.


Anyway, the holiday edition of Guardians of the Galaxy somehow still manages to balance between a spectacular blockbuster with a lot of money and something really sweet and touching. It’s funny—the funniest piece of Marvel since the last GOTG movie—but it also proudly carries its heart, and that’s not an easy tonality with so many trinkets to juggle.

After all, it’s not just any separate Christmas issue. Serving as an epilogue to the fourth phase, as well as a prologue to the fifth phase, we still have to fill in many old gaps and prepare a new story. The space dog Cosmo is now part of the team, Groot is a teenage tree, and the Guardians have a new ship (“Bowie”) to operate outside of Knowledge. None of this will make much sense to anyone who isn’t already a fan, but Gunn makes the plot light enough to make sure it still holds up for re-viewing next year after Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 is missing.

And then there’s the soundtrack. While Star Wars infamously forced Jefferson Starship to play a clunky set of holograms, here Gunn asks friends from an alternative country, Old 97, to act as the resident alien band Knowhere (with Bacon on vocals). Creating another “Awesome mix” that deserves to be heard at every family dinner table this year, Gunn fills the film with the best alternative Christmas hits, including LOW, Hanoi Rocks, The Wombats, Fountains Of Wayne, Smashing Pumpkins and Julian Casablancas.

The music is great. Everyone has a laugh. Several people were seriously injured. And the person who paid for all this is being fried for something shameful that he did in the 70s. What could be more like Christmas?


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