Review JBL T210: cheap headset has simple design and quality sound


JBL T210 is a headset that aims to bring quality sound to those who are more “conservative” and prefer wires to Bluetooth headphones. The accessory can also be an interesting option for those who are not willing to spend a lot but do not give up good bass and treble in the songs. Successor to the T110, the model does not present any major differences in the technical data sheet: both have the same frequency response, built-in microphone and flat wire to prevent knots. The in-ear phone is on sale on the JBL official website for R $ 89, but can be found for less than R $ 60 in online retail. Check, in the following review, if it is worth investing in the JBL Tune 210.

The JBL T210 maintains the design of the previous model with an aluminum finish, with the biggest difference in terms of appearance: black, white with golden details, white with silver details or white with golden rose. The flattened wire to prevent knots, the music playback button and the built-in microphone are once again present on the cheap JBL headset.

The in-ear headset comes with three removable silicone ear tips in small, medium and large sizes to adapt the headset to the user’s ear size. However, the JBL T210 “slipped” from the ear a few times during TechTudo tests, even after changing the in-ear adapters and trying out all the available ear tips. So the headset is not suitable for those who want to listen to music while exercising – in this case, it is advisable to consider a wireless alternative with a Bluetooth connection.

These characteristics make the JBL 210, added to the model’s small size and light weight (the phone weighs only 80 g), recommended for those who want to hear a different sound, with bass, but that does not give up simplicity and requires a discreet and easy phone to carry.

The type P2 connector, for 3.5 mm inputs, makes the JBL T210 a preferable option for Android phone owners, since the plug does not match the iPhone 7 or higher models from Apple and therefore requires an adapter to connect to the cell phone.

If you receive a call while listening to music with the JBL T210, the play / pause button allows you to answer the call with just one touch. The built-in microphone did not fail when using phone calls, and successfully captured the voice without leaking too much ambient sound during calls. That is, there is no need to pay the mico to bring the phone cord close to the mouth to answer calls and be heard correctly.

The JBL T210 comes with a built-in microphone and a button to facilitate the task of answering calls or pausing music. When playing songs, the play / pause function did as promised, however, the “previous song” option (triggered by three button presses) was not as successful. In practice, after pressing the physical button of the JBL T210 three times, the phone would advance to the next song on the list and pause it shortly thereafter. This is consistent, since the two-touch control skips to the next song, but the command to rewind a track has proved to be complicated in day-to-day practice with the headset.

JBL promises “Pure Bass Sound” technology with power that reproduces “real bass”. In practice, the handset has a response frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and a pair of 8.7 mm drivers, which brings deep and rare bass in minimalist models of wired in-ear headphones. The JBL T210 plays music at maximum volume without sound distortion, but it is worth pointing out that, in the case of Pop tracks with a predominance of treble and midrange, the bass remained in the background and was not delivered with the quality proposed by the manufacturer.

Reports in Reclame Aqui by JBL also indicate that different models of wired in-ear headphones of the brand (such as the T290, and the predecessor T110) present defects in a short time, in periods of one to four months. The main comments referred to the failure of only one of the headphones, which also happened to the JBL T210 being tested in the newsroom, after about eight months of use.

Cost benefit
The Tune 210 is on sale on the JBL official website for R $ 89, but it is possible to find the product for as low as R $ 55.21 in online stores, according to Compare TechTudo. The headset delivers a distinctive sound that makes the value worthwhile – in the case of “conservative” people who insist on having a quality wired headset.

However, the JBL T210 is not the choice of time for those who prefer to enjoy bass and are looking for a powerful headset. In this case, it is advisable to use headphones with a Bluetooth connection, or wireless earbuds, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds +. JBL itself offers JBL Free, for sale for less than R $ 400 in online retail, which has a response frequency of 10 Hz to 22 kHz.

Bluetooth headsets can also be a good alternative for those looking to listen to music while playing sports. But yarn fans can also find another more suitable solution at JBL with the Endurance Run, which costs a little more than the T210 (R $ 109 in the official store) and claims to be sweatproof, in addition to allowing commands to Google Assistant or Siri.


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