Reverse Flash Has Officially Become DC’s Most Important Villain


Warning: Contains a preview of Flashpoint Beyond #3!

He may have tormented The Flash for years, but the Reverse Flash has just become Thomas Wayne’s last hope to save the DC multiverse from the twisted timeline of the Flashpoint. A preview of Flashpoint Beyond #4 reveals that Eobard Thawne is more dead than alive for the alternate universe of Doctor Batman.

Few villains feel the same level of hatred for their enemies as the Reverse Flash does for his noble colleague. Once a passionate fan of the Scarlet Speedster, Eobard Tone turned to villainy when he realized that he was destined to become the Flash’s worst enemy. To make his nemesis suffer, Reverse Flash changed history for the worse by killing Barry Allen’s mother and blaming his father for the crime. Although he cannot kill The Flash, as it would erase his own history, he does not hesitate to change the timeline at his discretion, distorting the events of the DC universe according to his sick desires.

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Now, in an unexpected twist, it seems that Reverse Flash can really help restore the correct timeline this time. In the Flashpoint Beyond #4 preview (by Jeff Jones, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams, Xermanico and Mikel Yanin), the Reverse Flash is dead, becoming the latest victim of a mysterious villain known as the Clockwork Killer. Flashpoint Batman Thomas Wayne finds Eobard Tone’s body in the morgue and notes their similarities as living paradoxes. Knowing that Thomas has little time left to return the DCU to normal, the former doctor conducts an autopsy of the time-traveling fraudster. Part by part, the Dark Knight removes the cogs, gears and other various parts of the watch from the body of the Reverse Flash and reflects on how everything he saw fits together. Enjoy a preview of the release below, including a potentially disturbing Reverse-Flash autopsy image.

The Reverse Flash may be the last tick on the Clockwork Killer’s list, but Thawne has joined a long line of victims. The criminal killed all the characters capable of controlling time, such as Captain Atom, Abra Kadabra and Waverider. Although the motives for the murders are not yet entirely clear, it seems that someone is interested in keeping the Flashpoint timeline. But Eobard is by far the most high—profile murder at the moment, and his death is Thomas’ only real chance to save hypertime and the wider DC Omniverse.

Now that the end of Flashpoint Beyond is approaching, Eobard’s death seems to be setting the stage for the finale. Given the past experience of the Reverse Flash, when he was killed by Batman in the “Flashpoint”, it would make thematic sense for Thomas Wayne to save the situation at the expense of a dead Tone. It would be doubly ironic if Reverse-Flash helped save the DC universe in a roundabout way by helping Batman figure out who the Clockwork Killer is. Eobard Tone has always used the timeline as his personal playground, but the opening of the Reverse Flash is now the key to making Batman from the “Flashpoint” find out the truth and not let his split reality take all the time with him.


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