Reverse-Flash Cosplay gives an epic Nemesis Armor that Distorts the reality of the Flash


The insanely fast, insanely evil Flash villain known as the Reverse Flash is a DC comics nemesis who needs no introduction, and in an inventive new cosplay, this reality-distorting villain gets a set of armor that pushes his already evil look over the finish line. in a truly epic way!

This channel, uploaded to Youtube by FD Sedona, is dedicated to showing self-made clips with the best costumes in the cosplay community. Helping cosplayers improve their already comical drawings with the help of successful camera angles, professionally created edits and mixed slow-motion shots, FD Sedona is at the top of his skill, and it shows. Photographed by FD Sedona, but made and worn by Instagram user @marrow_meister, this completely unique look at Reverse-Flash highlights the character’s appearance down to the yellow-black color scheme and the red lightning motif.

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Being a character associated with more than a few evil deeds over the years, as well as a person who constantly messes up the timeline when he sees fit, Eobard Tone, also known as Reverse Flash, is a bad guy who has not many equals. A constant thorn in the side of The Flash, the Reverse Flash is a ruthless villain whose nefarious actions are the ones he constantly strives to surpass — for example, the murder of Barry Allen’s mother — the consequences of which eventually lead to a change in the continuity of DC comics. an event called Flashpoint.

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Recorded during a visit to the Florida Supercon, where like-minded cosplay fans gathered, FD Sedona shoots @marrow_meister alone in such a way that the epic nature of this new Reverse Flash image is immediately revealed. Painted yellow with a bit of black mixed to even out the armored look, viewers can see burn mark lines highlighting the places where the Reverse-Flash armor was soldered and bit, with the addition of a glowing EL wire perfectly recreating the Reverse-Flash red color. lightning-fast accents to effectively combine all the details. Shot by FD Sedona in rapid camera movements that help sell the new Reverse-Flash image well, @marrow_meister completes the case with a full armored helmet covering his mouth and eyes, which makes it doubly epic, since with the switch @marrow_meister can switch the red glow in his eyes, which acts as a cherry on top of an already impressive Reverse Flash Cosplay!

Reverse Flash has changed a lot of different looks over the years, and this cosplay proves that there are several more costume combinations that need to be studied. Reverse Flash getting a cool new armor is a wild way to cosplay a character, so you can only guess how long it will take @marrow_meister to make a regular armored version of the Flash!


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