Reverie Knights Tactics: National Game Gets Demo on Steam


Reverie Knights Tactics: Producer 40 Giants Entertainment announced that Reverie Knights Tactics, a Brazilian RPG game based on the Tormenta franchise, won a free demo on Steam, giving an idea of what we’ll find in the final version of the game.

According to the information released, Reverie Knights Tactics is an RPG game with turn-based battles in which the player’s team consists of four heroes on an expedition to find LenĂ³rienn, the lost elven city while fighting the goblinoid threat that spreads terror in the continent.

Added to this, the game also promises character customization, item creation and expansive maps, among other elements that will certainly please fans of games of the genre.

Reverie Knights Tactics is scheduled to arrive later this year in versions for PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.


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