Revenue Releases IR 2021 Refund Consultation This Monday


Revenue: The Federal Revenue should release on Monday (24) the consultation for the first batch of refund of the Income Tax 2021. Taxpayers will be able to access the website or application of the Revenue from 10am to find out if the declaration has already been released.

In all, 3,446,038 people will receive R $ 6 billion in the five refund lots. In the first, taxpayers with legal priority will be paid, including more than 96 thousand elderly people over 80 years old, more than 1.9 million people between 60 and 79 years old, about 127 thousand taxpayers with some physical or mental disability and more than 891 thousand whose greatest source of income is the teaching profession.

In addition, 263,914 contributors from non-priority groups, but who submitted the declaration by February 28 are also part of the first batch. The money will be paid on May 31 (Monday).

How to consult

To consult the refund, it is necessary to access the Federal Revenue website, enter the My Income Tax tab and click on the option Consult Refund. On the website, the taxpayer can see if there are any pending or inconsistencies in the declaration that prevent payment. If so, it is necessary to send a rectifying statement, correcting the errors. Only after corrected, will the citizen have access to the refund.

It is also possible to consult the service in the Income Tax program or in the app, which is available for iOS and Android.

The refund is always scheduled for the last working day of the month. The amount will be deposited in the bank account informed by the taxpayer in the Income Tax Declaration.


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