Revenue Auction brings the MacBook from R $ 400


The Federal Revenue has announced a new auction of seized products in Belém, Pará. Among the 160 batches of seized products, it is worth mentioning a MacBook Pro with a price of R $ 400, well below the R $ 10,299 currently charged for the cheapest option from official apple store. Other examples include Xiaomi SSDs and cell phones, as well as iPhones and more electronics. Interested parties can submit their proposals until next Monday (17th), and the bidding session is scheduled for 3pm on Tuesday (18th).

The lot that includes the MacBook Pro for R $ 400 also has a SSD of 1 TB and two sticks of 2 GB of RAM by Corsair. It is worth mentioning that the federal agency does not indicate which version of the apple laptop, nor does it give more details about the specifications of the products. In addition to this, another option open to Individuals is number 53, which offers a 240 GB SSD from Kingston for prices starting at R $ 80.

Ordinary users can also find cheaper cell phones on the floor, such as lot 120, which features three iPhones, one iPhone 6S and two iPhone 6s. Its minimum price is R $ 1,200, well below the market value of the most popular model. simple, leaving at R $ 1,709.05 according to Compare TechTudo. The original version of the line, in turn, is also slightly above the amount charged for the three products, costing at least R $ 1,390.26. Lot 108, with a Mi 9 of 64 GB, two others of 128 GB and a Redmi Note 7 of 128 GB, also deserves mention, leaving R $ 1,950.

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The options geared only to Legal Entities bring more units and equally higher values. The number 128, for example, costs from R $ 140 thousand, bringing 220 Xiaomi phones separated into 40 units of Redmi Note 7, 60 of Note 8, 60 of Note 9 and another 60 of Mi A3.

How to participate

Users need to submit their proposals by 6 pm on Monday (17), and those who are up to 10% below the highest bid offered will participate in the auction. The forecast is that the final phase of the auction will take place on Tuesday (18), at 15h.

To participate in the auction, it is necessary to issue an e-CAC digital certificate, which can be purchased by Individuals or Legal Entities from the Federal Revenue Service. It is worth mentioning that products in open lots for both modalities cannot be resold, differently from those available exclusively for purchase via CNPJ.

Payment must be made within one business day after the trading session itself, and the user can also choose to pay in two parts: first 20% and then the other 80%, within up to eight calendar days. It is also important to keep in mind that the units available are not warranted, and the IRS does not always confirm that they are in perfect condition or have some type of defect or marks of use.


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