Revealed that a Vulnerability Appeared in Windows 10 3 Months Still Poses Risk


About 3 months ago, a vulnerability was detected in Windows 10, but it was fixed by Microsoft in a short time. Now it turns out that this deficit still poses a risk. The US Government warned citizens against the deficit and an emergency patch was released.

In operating systems that have almost become part of our lives, sometimes unexpected problems can arise. Vulnerabilities are at the top of these problems. These vulnerabilities, which can put our sensitive information at risk, must be resolved by the publisher company soon. In the past months, a similar situation has occurred in the Windows 10 operating system.

When such vulnerabilities generally arise, software companies take immediate action to prevent malicious people from exploiting these vulnerabilities. While maintaining the CVE-2020-0796 effect, also known as the effective SMBGhost vulnerability in Windows 10, it was recognized by Microsoft as a vulnerability. Acting fast, Microsoft resolved the vulnerability by publishing a fix during the day.

The US Government warned against the deficit:

Months after Microsoft quickly resolved this error, it confirmed that the cyber security agency working within the US Government had a vulnerability, and stated that malicious people are still targeting Windows 10 systems that are vulnerable to this quarterly critical vulnerability. Measures were taken immediately and action was taken against this emerging deficit.

The emergency patch against this critical vulnerability was released shortly, but this update is still considered to be a risk because automatic updates are not available on every computer using the Windows operating system. Also, the “wormable” structure, which makes spreading much easier, makes many devices more risky.

The U.S. Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency strongly recommends using a firewall on your devices. However, it also states that the new version updates and patches that come to the device should be done as quickly as possible. You can find the update addressing the vulnerability mentioned here.


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