Revealed the file sizes of PS Plus Extra New Games for August 2022


PlayStation Plus Extra, as well as the next level, PlayStation Plus Premium, have access to a growing library of games for PS4 and PS5. Recently, the latest round of additions to the PlayStation Plus Extra games catalog was presented, confirming that Dead by Daylight, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Bugsnax, three Yakuza games and others will soon be available to subscribers. Each new game in the PlayStation Plus Extra library requires less space on the subscriber’s console, so keeping file sizes in mind is an important priority.

The file sizes for each issue of the PlayStation Plus Extra games catalog are now published, which helps subscribers plan what to download and what to leave for the future. To start with three Yakuza games, players can have a place to download all three games at the same time. The file size of Yakuza 0 for PS4 is 24.167 GB, the file size of Yakuza Kiwami for PS4 is 20.622 GB, and the file size of Yakuza Kiwami 2 for PS4 is 38.785 GB, a total of 83.57 GB.

It is clear that the biggest additions of the month PlayStation Plus Extra are significant. The file size of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands for PS4 is 66.919 GB. This is more than the Metro Exodus file size for PS5, which is 70.130 GB, although the file size for PS4 is slightly smaller — 66.071 GB. Dead by Daylight is a little smaller in size, but it’s worth checking the available disk space to download. Dead by Daylight PS4 is 34.550 GB, and the PS5 version is 48.386 GB.

There are two more significant additions for PlayStation Plus Extra this month, although they are much smaller than the games already mentioned. Bugsnax is 6.612 GB on PS4 and 10.733 GB on PS5. There is also JRPG Trials of Mana, which weighs 15.685 GB on PS4. Both should be good options to boot without taking up too much space on your PS4 or PS5 drive.

For those who don’t have the bandwidth to download this month, there are a few other options that you can try. Uno is now part of the PlayStation Plus Extra library. Its download for PS4 takes only 4,737 GB. Two Monopoly games have also joined the library. Monopoly Madness on PS4 is 3.3 GB, and Monopoly Plus on PS4 is only 1.603 GB.

All of the above games are now available for PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium subscription holders. They can be downloaded and played at any time. This is just the latest round of games added to the games catalog. More will be added over time as the PlayStation Plus Extra library continues to expand.


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