It Revealed That Firefox Stored Private Files Posted on Twitter


Hosting millions of visitors every day, Twitter announced that Firefox stores private files sent via Twitter in its internet cache. Not mentioning what the error was causing this situation, the company told the users to be careful.

Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms of today, has released a remarkable statement for users of the Internet browser Firefox. Stating that all users using Firefox in a blog post were affected by this error, Twitter announced that private files sent over the platform were stored in Firefox’s cache.

At this point, Firefox users should keep in mind that this data is cached in Firefox when they download any non-public file to send or receive media in private Twitter messages. Although this situation does not have serious consequences for personal computers, it is useful to be aware that this situation can have serious consequences especially for non-personal and common computers.

Even if the Twitter session is closed, the information may be cached in Firefox:
Twitter, which is a platform visited by millions of people every day, did not mention exactly what the error caused private data to be collected in the browser cache. At this point, the company said that even if users are logged off on that computer, the information exchanges via direct message may be stored in the cache of the browser.

In September, Mozilla first announced the Firefox browser changes, which led to controversy. After many attempts, the company announced that they were sure that it was the right decision to enable DoH (DNS over HTTPS) by default, 5 months later, the company officially approved this and got a reaction again.

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The company’s recent decisions are somehow attracting users’ reactions. At this point, users who want to react to Mozilla usually say that by changing their browsers, they started using other popular internet browsers such as Chrome or Safari, and Chrome and Safari did not cache at least this private information.


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