Revealed battery details for Samsung S21 family


Samsung is working on new smartphones without slowing down. Battery details have emerged for the Samsung S21 and S21 Plus, which will be the new flagship. You know, Samsung takes special care for its flagship phones. For this reason, the company’s S21 family is also expected in curiosity. Here’s what we know about the Samsung S21 family battery capacity:

Samsung S21 family battery capacity revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S21 family is expected to be released in February next year, so there are more, but details about the phone are slowly coming. The S21 family, which was previously on the agenda with the ToF sensor on the camera side, now gains details on the battery capacity side. Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus battery capacities have been revealed on the 3C certification site.


The certification documents reveal the battery capacities and model numbers of the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus models. The S21, with the model number SM-G991, comes with a 3.880 mAh battery, while the S21 Plus, the SM-G996, comes with 4.660 mAh.

Interestingly, this post reveals that the batteries will not be produced by Samsung. On the battery side of the phones, we see China-based Ningde Amperex company. We will not see the problems and problems in the Galaxy S20 series in the Galaxy S21 series, because Samsung aims to eliminate the problems and it is said to sell its new flagship phones at a more affordable price.

Another claim about the Galaxy S21 is that it will be powered by the Exynos 1000 processor. Another claim is that the phone will have a 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader sensor. As we mentioned at the beginning of the news, it is said that the camera of the S21 series will not add this sensor to its new phones as the ToF camera is not used by many people.


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