Revealed a free game in the Epic Games store on August 11


Last week, Epic Games Store users could claim that the lawn mower simulator belongs to them. Everything you need to know about this game is mostly contained in the title, as it is a very detailed and thorough grass mowing simulator. Today it is being replaced by Unrailed!, a cooperative game in which players must build a railway together. This is something unique in the Epic Games Store and a simple recommendation for fans of co-op gaming who are looking for a bit of chaos.

Of course, Unrailed! It will be available until August 11, 10:00 Pacific time, in the Epic Games store. As always, it will be replaced by another game, and Epic Games Store has confirmed that the title will be “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” 3?!

As the name suggests, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! is a cooking game set in war—torn America in 2042. Together with a team of robots named Whisk and Clever, players must take part in the Iron Cook Foodtruck Championship. There is a campaign in which players prepare hundreds of recipes, including many brand new ones, on hundreds of levels. It’s clearly a time-consuming game, but if players don’t need dynamic action, there’s also a Chill Mode.

This is a reliable local cooperative game in the Epic Games Store, where players can upgrade their food van, expand their product catalog, decorate them as they see fit, and promises more than a hundred hours of gameplay. For a free title, it’s good here, and it looks like the reviews are pretty much good for it too. On OpenCritic, it ranks 79th in the rating of the best critics, with 83% of reviews recommending the game.

Fortunately, Epic Games Store differs from Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus in the reliability of the scheme. Game Pass and PS Plus are constantly changing it, and it’s not bad. However, sometimes fans have to wait for something new that they want to play, and they won’t know until a new discovery happens. Since the Epic Games Store informs fans a week in advance, it’s easier to plan ahead if someone wants to pick up the game. If without a rail! not for one Epic Games Store subscriber, they already know what will be added on August 11. If this game is not particularly liked, then they will know the game on August 18 in advance.

Epic Games Store users receive several free games every month.


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