Reveal the mystery of the characters


Mediatonic canon designs by a concept artist and reveals the exact stature of popular characters from the fashion game.

Mediatonic, studio responsible for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has made official the stature of its characters and has made canon the designs of a concept artist from the studio where he imagined what these creatures are truly like on the inside. Invertebrate beings? Do they have a backbone? How much? Is blood running through your veins? We answer the questions.

Inside a Fall Guy: Mystery Solved

Fans of the successful video game from the English studio, which is also based in Madrid, Spain, available on PS4 and PC, had wondered about the possibility that there was a human being inside each Fall Guy; as if it were a mechanical robot. The game’s official Twitter account already hinted last August that this possibility was true, but the message was interpreted more as a joke than an official statement.

Now, on the night of this September 23, it has become official that there are no human beings within the Fall Guys, but rather being vertebrate living beings with their own spine and anatomy: extremities such as arms and legs with their corresponding elbows and kneecaps. ; five fingers, brain, skull, eyes and muscles. An anatomy very similar to that of a homo sapiens, with the exception that its interior is particularly unique and idiosyncratic. To know if a Fall Guy is happy or not, you have to look them straight in the eye, they say.


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