Returnal will use the SSD memory to eliminate load times


The Housemarque title will squeeze all the unique features out of the PS5 hardware. It is one of the great exclusives of the console in 2021.

Returnal is getting closer. The new Housemarque, exclusive for PS5, will take advantage of all the technological benefits of Sony hardware; from 3D Audio to haptic feedback from the DualSense controller to deliver more precise sensations to users. Now, in a meeting with PlayStation Official Magazine, the development team has explained how they will use high-speed SSD (NVMe) memory to reduce load times almost completely.

The authors of Resogun and Dead Nation are abandoning the twin-stick shooter this time to enter their most ambitious project both in the playable and in the technical, guaranteeing that the deaths will translate into an instant revival.

The waiting is over and, therefore, it is hoped to reduce frustration. Being a title with a roguelite design, of high difficulty and where deaths follow one after another, being able to “mitigate frustration” through the well-known respawns in a matter of an instant will make the interest to continue trying increase. Each game in Returnal will be different, with a multitude of firearms and tools (which will take advantage of the adaptive triggers of the controller).

Returnal, the first of many exclusives planned for PS5 in 2021

Returnal goes on sale this March 19 exclusively for PlayStation 5. As we reviewed in our agenda dedicated to PlayStation, this is one of the multiple titles planned by Sony for 2021. Both with the works belonging to the PlayStation Studios label Like temporary exclusivity games developed by third-party companies, the Japanese firm expects the transition from PS4 to PS5 to be as quick as possible, although the current stock of PlayStation 5 (in either of its two models) is extremely low.

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