Returnal: trophy stripe released and suggests easy platinum


The website Exophase released this last weekend the definitive list of Returnal trophies, detailing what players must do to obtain the desired platinum of the game.

According to the list, Returnal will have a total of 31 trophies, 1 of which is platinum, 7 of gold, 5 of silver and 18 of bronze, which make up a relatively simple platinum. To get 100%, much of the walkthrough is about making progress in history, making tutorials, purchasing specific gadgets and completing boss battles, as well as map exploration, weapon evolution, and a trophy that should be the easiest of the game: die for the first time.

To check the complete list of the game’s trophies, just go to the Exophase website. It is worth remembering that as the progression trophies indicate the completion of three acts, there are practically no spoilers about the game’s campaign.

Returnal will be released on April 30 for PS5.


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