Returnal: Team Still Doesn’t Know How To Include Saves in The Game


Returnal: Anyone who has ever got his hands on Returnal must surely have realized that, unlike many other games, he does not have a much improved save system (since it has roguelike mechanics). Although the community has already spoken out on the subject, producer Housemarque commented that it still has no idea how to include this mechanic in the game.

“We are aware that some systems are priority factors. Currently, we don’t know exactly what it would be like [to include the return points in the game], so it is very difficult to advertise anything because there is a very large group of people looking for different things ”, commented Mikael Haveri, marketing director at producer, in an interview with Axios Gaming.

It is worth remembering that the producer itself had previously commented that it was aware of this players’ desire, so maybe it is only a matter of time before the studio can find a way to add saves to the title.

Understand saveal problems in Returnal

To better explain, Returnal was built on roguelike mechanics: that is, when you die, you must start the adventure again. There are some facilitators, such as shortcuts between the biomes when making progress, but it is still necessary to go through areas already explored to try to make more progress (but they are procedural to give more dynamism to the experience).

What the community is requesting is that there be a more conventional progression, with the option to save in the middle of the adventure and continue through the save. He died? There is no need to return everything, just load the save. However, the problem with adding this functionality is that it can drastically alter the structure of the game and that is why Housemarque has not yet found an ideal solution.

Returnal is a game exclusive to PlayStation 5, and you can check the opinion of the Voxel team by clicking here.


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