Returnal takes gameplay clips and promises action

During the broadcast of the second episode of the HouseCast program, Mikael Haveri, director of marketing for the studio Housemarque Games, held an exclusive interview with Harry Krueger, director of Returnal, who provided more details about the game’s production and his vision. In addition, the title gained new gameplay scenes that promise a lot of action, fluid movement and intense combat against supernatural creatures.

According to Krueger, the idea behind Returnal came about four years ago, when the creative mind decided to take off its own project that brought together elements of science fiction and psychological terror. The same happened with the protagonist Selene, who united the main characteristics of the genres to bring a complex character and full of personal traumas.

Initially called “Dark Planet”, Returnal became a sort of collection “of the things considered the coolest” by the Housemarque Games studio, but with a deep narrative focus and an immersive atmosphere to transform the experience into something far beyond the visual.

In just under 12 minutes, the new edition of HouseCast brought several scenes featuring a little more of the game’s fantastic visuals, as well as a lot of combat with mechanics very similar to those seen in the Mass Effect franchise and Vanquish, with air and ground dashs , hi-tech weapons and skills, cinematic space armor and a hostile planet. Check the transmission below.

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