Returnal, PlayStation 5 game, goes on sale


Returnal, a game developed exclusively for the PS5 by the Housemarque studio, officially went into pre-sale. Promising to revolutionize the combat system in video games through unprecedented and immersive features, the title is one of the great entry games for Sony’s new consoles for 2021.

Returnal presents the story of one of the missions of the protagonist Selene, an Astra space explorer who ends up making a forced landing on a hostile planet where constant atmospheric and geological changes are far from being the greatest threats. Isolated and relying only on her costume, weapons and impeccable movement skills, the heroine will be forced to repeat actions over and over again in order to discover various strategies to be able to progress.

A different roguelike

The new Housemarque title promises to bring a true revolution to the roguelike format of the game, counting on extreme repeatability so that the fictional world will never be the same when moving items, creatures and passages to places that should be investigated again and that, depending on the circumstances , can prove to be much more challenging to achieve.

After each death, the explorer is resurrected and placed in a completely new place, having to adapt to the terrain and the dangers, and put her wit to the extreme. In addition, each return will be more enlightening to the plot, since visions of death lead to new knowledge about supernatural beings and the reality the planet is going through.

What kind of shooting is this?

For fans of classic shooting games with spaceships and scrolling on the side screen, Returnal will certainly bring a bit of nostalgia, due to its battle system that dives into names like Super R-Type, Sine Mora and the modern Resogun, recovering the dynamics Shoot ’em up on state-of-the-art engines, with incredible graphics, fluid handling and third-person play.

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Thus, the player will be constantly in the middle of an infernal shooting, with orchestral synchrony of enemy bullets in all directions and a true visual show of colors, with each creature emitting a different dynamic of energy release.


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