Returnal: new trailer details the main creatures of the game


Returnal: Developer Housemarque has released a new trailer for Returnal, detailing the main physical and combat characteristics of some of the aliens present in Atropos.

Returnal’s unpublished video shows Selene facing monsters who appear to be the greatest generals on the planet. In epic fights against bosses and sub-bosses, the protagonist faces Mycomorph, Titanops, Automaton, Gorgolith, Ixion and Infected Scout, beings with innumerable mechanics and unique abilities that can trap her in a goo, grab her, and launch bundles of energy that go all over the place and in different waves.

The images also show what many fans of the game have been waiting for: creatures with varied designs. Thus, Returnal must rely not only on common and smaller minions, but also on colossal species and enemies with diverse movements that will certainly bring a consistent challenge during the game.

Returnal will be released on April 30 for PS5.


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