Returnal: New Patch Available to Prevent Games From Being Deleted; Details


Returnal: Housemarque once again updates Returnal. This time, the main objective is to solve the error that corrupted the saved games. Returnal, the exclusive PS5 title developed by Housemarque, has received a new patch. This is update 1.3.6 and its objective is to reinforce the fixes that version 1.3.4 added a few days ago, which was applied as an emergency measure to solve the dreaded error CE-1000028-1 caused by 1.3.3.

The aforementioned error resulted in the game data appearing as corrupt files in the memory of the console, and this new update published by the studio is now available so that users can continue playing without fear of it happening again. The full patch notes below.

Fixed bug that corrupted data
Stability settings
Fixes in DualSense Control Mapping
Fixed the issue of reserve suits blocking objects and doors
Fixed issue affecting integrity recovery
Multiple minor fixes

In addition, Housemarque reiterates that it is advisable to disable automatic console updates in case we are in the middle of a loop, since an update applied during the game can cause progress to be lost.

Returnal, Housemarque’s challenging bet

The exclusive PS5 game proposes us to enter a series of time loops in which we must advance defeating enemies and looking for resources, while trying to clear up the unknowns of a plot that develops as we pass tests and die over and over again.

In our analysis (8.4 / 10), we highlight that “Housemarque has succeeded in creating a title with personality in every way” and that “the lack of surprises and reasons to continue clinging to Átropos, keep it away from an overall outstanding. Which does not mean that it loses effect, at all. It is very worth experiencing Returnal first hand ”.

Returnal is available on PS5.


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