Returnal: new images and first trailer in Spanish


The Housemarque game, of action and roguelike type, will be able to be enjoyed next March 19. Returnal, a Roguelike-like action game developed by Housemarque and planned for PS5 exclusively, shows new images and a first dubbed trailer.

The title, which surprised everyone by the combat system and the variety of weapons that we have seen in different events, shows us the dubbing that it will bring in its Spanish version thanks to a video in which we see the protagonist Selene facing all kinds of enemies. She does it at a hectic and intense pace, while she is exploring that dark alien world called Atropos.

Watch here the first trailer dubbed into Spanish of Returnal

As they remember from the developer, this exploration is transversal and is around environments that are generated in a procedural way. In the words of Creative Director Harry Krueger, they are “working to make Returnal a challenging and rewarding experience, with variety and depth and high replayability.”

Variety of genres

The title features an interesting mix of genres, with arcade-like action and bullet hell gameplay, presented in third-person action as hordes of enemies are overcome with 10 base weapons, ten types of shots and different devices to survive. . In total we will have a total of 90 traits, in addition to projectiles and other attack actions.


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