Returnal Is Easier Thanks To A Trick Discovered By Players


Returnal: The most recent update allows the cycle to be suspended, but the game is deleted afterwards, although not from the cloud. Housemarque announced just a few days ago one of the most desired features by players, the possibility of suspending the cycle in Returnal. After the patch is released, it is no longer necessary to put the console to sleep when you stop playing, as the game generates an automatic save that allows you to resume the game. However, the developers did not want to break the roguelite concept, so the save is erased when you restart the game … only on the hard disk, because it is kept in the cloud.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure is simple. Simply suspend the game, upload the game to the cloud (you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber), and then restart the game. Upon death, you have the opportunity to re-download the previous game and try your luck again without having to repeat the cycle from the beginning. This, of course, breaks with the idea or conceptual vision that the developers have projected. We’ll see if Housemarque tries to plug this hole in a new update.

“The structure of the game remains unchanged; This is not the classic option to “save game” in the middle of the session, but, when the cycle is suspended, Returnal will create a one-time suspension point that will be erased and cannot be used again once you resume the session. departure, “the study explained in an official PlayStation blog post. In fact, some limitations have been introduced: it is not possible to save in boss battles or in combat; not during cinematic sequences either.

Returnal has been available since last April exclusively for PC. Following the launch, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the purchase of Housemarque, one more studio that joins the suite of in-house studios under the PlayStation Studios label.