Returnal gets new trailer, gameplay details and photos


One of the first major releases of 2021, Returnal today received a new trailer, unpublished images and some information coming directly from an interview with its director on PlayStation Blog. Check out the video:

Harry Krueger, the creative director of developer Housemarque, explained a little more about the mechanics and ideas of this promising third-person shooter roguelike:

“We try to create a unique mix of styles combining our explosive arcade action, very responsive controls and bullet hell gameplay, but this time in third person. We will have frantic and intense combat, as well as exploration through the environments generated procedurally from Atropos.”

“The protagonist Selene will have many weapons and devices at her disposal to help her survive on the alien planet. Some were brought by herself, but others are found along the way,” continued Harry. “Each death sends Selene back to the beginning of the time loop, moments before she falls on the planet, so most items are lost in the process, but not all! So you make a little bit of progress with each cycle.”

“There is a lot of loot to find in Atropos, but not all of them are positive. There are items like Parasites that have negative and positive effects, and you need to think twice before taking them. Some can recover your life, but they also have effects acids to your enemies. Assessing risk and reward is something that will happen frequently. “


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