Returnal – Error CE-1000028-1: Housemarque is Already Working On a Solution


Returnal: Housemarque withdraws patch 1.3.3, which is the cause of the problem, and ensures that we will soon have this update corrected on PlayStation 5.Housemarque has confirmed through the social network Twitter that Returnal’s 1.3.3 patch is problematic and, therefore, they revert to version 1.3.1 until they find a solution. The Finnish study, aware of the error CE-1000028-1, tries to prevent this inconvenience from appearing in the games of users, whose PS5 shows the saved game file as corrupt.

Those who are experiencing problems will need to “reload the game”, since there are problems, crashes and irreversible loss of data. This hang in Returnal is accompanied by certain stability problems in the runs after applying the patch. When asked how to know whether or not we are affected by the CE-1000028-1 error, Housemarque maintains that it is best to wait for the next patch. “To rest easy, don’t start the game before the patch is available and you’ve downloaded it,” they say.

Housemarque also works on Returnal save points

Another of Housemarque’s commitments to the Returnal community of players comes from the management of checkpoints in the game. By its roguelike nature, a death implies losing “everything”; in fact, if we turn off the console we will lose all that progress. The only solution is to suspend our PS5, although the current firmware of the Sony platform has reported problems in this period.

However, the development team has remarked that “we listen to the community, and we love you all. There is nothing to announce at the moment, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as much as you can! ”, Which leaves the doors open to new accessibility options with which to enjoy Returnal without so many difficulties for those less knowledgeable in the genre .

Returnal is now available exclusively for PlayStation 5. At MeriStation we have rated it 8.4 out of 10 in our analysis: “Returnal is one of the great surprises of this 2021. Housemarque has had the wisdom to create a title with personality in every sense. We start from what happens at the controls, a tough, demanding but balanced adventure ”.


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