Returnal: 3D Tempest Audio Improvements on PS5 Compared


Returnal: The Housemarque game takes advantage of the possibilities of the PS5 Tempest Engine and a user offers the possibility to compare its different 3D audio modes. Returnal was released on April 30 on PS5 and one of its main characteristics is the care with which Housemarque has worked in terms of sound treatment. It is an experience designed to be enjoyed with headphones, and YouTube user Essais LesNums has got to work to compare the different 3D audio profiles offered by the Tempest Engine of the console. Next, we leave you the video in which you can appreciate all the differences.

Returnal: a new generation experience

The new Housemarque title for PS5 bets on a science fiction adventure that makes use of roguelike, metroidvania and bullet hell mechanics. The story, starring Selene, is based on cycles that repeat themselves to infinity; when we fall in combat, a new loop begins from the starting point. In addition, the development of the script is directly related to this mechanic, since the video scenes follow one another based on our deaths.

In our analysis, we say that the game takes full advantage of the possibilities of a new generation console such as PS5, and we emphasize that “when you combine your DualSense with headphones, you form the complete pack”, in reference to the way in which it exploits the functions of both the command and the Tempest Engine. In addition, we conclude by claiming that it is “a new generation game and one of the great surprises of this 2021”.

Are you playing Returnal and having trouble overcoming its challenges? In that case, maybe our complete guide will help you, in which you can find strategies to defeat the fearsome final bosses, tips for beginners and information about the weapons and objects of the game, among other content of interest.

Returnal is available on PS5.


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