Return to Monkey Island: how to get out of the hold of the ship


Shortly after finding a way to hide Guybrush’s identity and join LeChuck’s team at the end of Part 1, the players of Return to Monkey Island will find themselves in the hold of a ghost ship. There, the First Swab Gullet will hand Guybrush a pamphlet explaining his Swabby duties before instructing him to clean up the neighborhood.

This may not seem like such a difficult task at first, as the only thing players will need to worry about is a spot of chicken fat at the bottom of the stairs. However, unfortunately, every time the players remove a spot of fat, the Throat throws another drop, which makes it impossible to complete their task. Fortunately, the ladder is not the only way to get out of the hold of the ship.

How to escape from the hold of the ship in the game “Return to Monkey Island”

After regaining control of Guybrush, players must take the brochure and then open the box to find Murray, the talking skull. Strictly speaking, the players don’t need to do it right away, but since they will need it at some point, it makes sense to put it away now and take the opportunity to talk to him about Captain Madison. They can also mess up the hold a bit, just to annoy Gullet, but this part is completely optional unless the players are going to get the Super Swabbie achievement.

Having exhausted all options for dialogue with Murray, players must take a mop and use it to remove chicken fat from the ground. Then they will want to use it on three screws around the edge of the porthole, adding lubricant after each swab. When all three of them are lubricated, players can use a knife to remove the screws, causing the porthole to fall to the ground.

However, before the players of “Return to Monkey Island” can exit through the porthole, they first need to lubricate it with chicken fat, which means that they need to take the mop again and alternate their tampons between the fat on the floor and the porthole. Having lubricated the gaping porthole three times, Guybrush will be able to slip through and be on board the ship.

Although it is possible to reach the keel of the ship here by heading to the left, instead players must go straight to the small anchor, and then use the ladder to climb and climb over the railing. On deck, they will find the ghost pirate LeChak and some other crew members, the first of whom will instruct Guybrush to find the last ingredient for a special potion needed to reach Monkey Island: a flattened skull.

Return to Monkey Island is already available on PC and Nintendo Switch.


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